Friday, March 5, 2010

Crazymama's Q and A!

It's time for Crazymama's Q and A!

I'll ask, you answer.

I'll answer too and we'll all get a laugh.


I asked this because...

Pierce was talking in his sleep this morning, he was taunting Hope in his dreams and then said,"I pee on you Hope-y, I peed on you!" he then laughs in his sleep and then stopped talking and went back to snoring.

good times. right then I was pretty glad he was wearing a pull-up because everyone knows if you dream about peeing, it's probably happening.

I confess , I talk in my sleep. regularly. the hubs loves it as you can imagine. I have no idea what I say but he tells me I let him know I have to use the restroom, he tells me to go, and I get up and go.

all without ever recalling any of it.

If you were to die right now, would you be more upset that you didn't fit into your ideal pant size or would you be more mad that you passed up that donut yesterday?

(I stole this question from a friend's comment on this post ON MY OWN BLOG.) she said yes she would be mad about passing up the donut, and she's fabulously thin and fashionable.

obviously if I died today, I'd just Be mortified anyone came into my house and saw it this way. in the eternal scheme of things, pant size doesn't matter.

a clean house does?

ok . it doesn't either . excellent realization.

the only things you take with you are what? relationships, knowledge. etc. right?

and besides it's obvious by my fave quote "life is uncertain eat dessert first" that ideal pant size doesn't really matter to me.

Would you ever get *Vajazzled? for an anniversary? birthday? next time you have an OB/GYN appointment? (could you imagine the look on the Dr.'s face?)

would I? ummm, on this **rubenesque form? Oh my, GOSH! nope.

besides with all the privacy I get, could you imagine what my kids would say about my blingtastic lady parts if they happened to catch a glimpse? seriously could be hilarious, but I'm not going there just for some good one liners. besides who am i going to impress?

but I have a few friends I wouldn't be shocked to hear that they Vajazzle. they just seem trendier/fancier than me.

What do you think of the whole concept of Vajazzling?

in my opinion vajazzling is for Hookers, strippers and slutty single people. I am none of the above currently and once again **rubenesque.

Guys? care to chime in here?

Last Question? why do you read my blog?

is it the random confessions?

the funny kid anecdotes? which kid is your fave to hear about? (if you have one)

you like to laugh at my take on reality?

the inappropriate humor?

for your convenience.

in case you wondered but didn't want to ask. here are the answers to some of the less obvious definitions.

definition of *Vajazzled : a.k.a. completely bare™ with a flair is a completely bare™ wax with a swarovski crystal design


  1. plump and sensuous (referring to the figure of a woman)

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CassiB said...

missy talks in her sleep, soooo funny! i do sometimes, but Hozer can never figure out what i'm saying.
no i wouldn't be upset on either, i'll have my perfect body...when we get perfect bodies. i would hate to have anyone come into my house in this shape.
no i don't think vajazzling is for me bare i get, but crystals!! why.
and that so doesn't fit in with the other questions, but i guess you did say RANDOM.
all of the above on the multiple choice. i read your blog because i like to know i'm not the only one dealing with reality. the crappy, good, happy and sad.

Daisygirl said...

I am peeing in my pants laughing because you talked about vajazzling on your blog...I about died over in laughter when I saw this last night! I remember awhile back when "grooming" designs in your nether regions were really popular...

Now for your other questions: if I were to die...gasp...I would be more angry that I didn't eat the donuts!

The sleep question: my daughter talks often in her sleep, my 2 year old moans in his sleep and my husband is hilarious because you can have converstations with him while he sleeps!

I read your blog because its funny and real! ~Jen

tammy said...


I want to die skinny but still eating donuts. Is that one possible?

Luvpilot talks in his sleep, and so does Taylor. Sometimes Taylor sits up and yells things out. Sometimes Luvpilot laughs too.

Vajazzled? No. I'm too chicken to get a full wax. I hear the first time is hell!

Bunko was fun. We need to start it at 4:00 or 5:00 so I don't have to miss so much.

Susie said...

My 2 year old is a sleep talker believe it or not. From the time she could babble. It's really cute actually. When she finally started talking it was a lot of Mamamamama num-num-num-num peeeze. Now she talks to dogs and Daddy and whatever happened in her little day.
Donuts for sure. I neve pass up a donut. It would never occur to me to turn one down EVER. Never trust a person who turns down donuts.
Vajjazzled? OH MY. Never heard but I am one of the last, few ladies on the planet that doesn't like waxing of the Vajay let alone in a pattern of a crystal...What???? googling.
I read your blog because you are very entertaining to me. Last time I was in Mesa I looked for the license plate. No luck. Next time.

jayna said...

i love it!! i love that my comment question made it to your blog. i feel so special. but it's true!!! :)

as for vajazzling. wow. i have heard of a story of a lady who used a little spray down there to 'freshen up' before the obgyn and didn't realize (until the dr. asked about it) that it had glitter in it!! ha ha ha. probably not for me. ;) as you say, who am i going to impress. i'm a single lady.

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