Monday, March 29, 2010

The Annual Family Candy Scramble

i'm finally posting " The Outfits" for the ANNUAL Christensen Family Easter Picnic.

complete with pot luck picnic, and CANDY SCRAMBLE!

I'd call it an egg hunt but we dispensed with the eggs and just litter the ground with candy, wrapped and not chocolate or we'd have a chocolatey mess in the steamy AZ spring sunshine.

every year my mom puts on an Easter picnic for our extended family. Aunts , uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins, cousins once removed. it's a shin-dig!

sometimes it's the family reunion. and often it's the only time we see certain relatives.

I'm kind of obsessed with getting my kids matchy outfits to wear every year. the one or two times i haven't i was dissatisfied with the day.

When i busted out this number and showed the hubs he almost had a coronary thinking it was TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!


until...i explained it was just the one girl in this outfit.
so it's not THAT bad.

i thought it was cute.

and really my opinion is all that matters.

the other girls coordinated color wise.


Pierce had it down this year, and with the help of Dad he did awesome!







the best part about the annual easter picnic is all our favorite cousins are there.

Nate and Paxton

Will and Peyton

Garrett and Pierce

Liberty hangs with Katie every year only at the picnic- here is their annual pic.

And of course Maria Hannah, and Hope are besties.


after all the fun, i went for a pedicure with my Cousin Paula and my sisters Janie and Vicki.

of course i managed to ruin mine later that day. i had no idea that a row of rhinestones too so long to dry that they would move and crap up my pedicure 6 hours later when i put on my dancing shoes. sigh.



wanna see Easter Picnics past?



the easter family shot 2008


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Daisygirl said...

I think the girls outfits are super cute! The leopard dress is fabulous and I love the black tank!

Your mom must be a fabulous person for getting all this together ;)
I so need to go Easter basket shopping tomorrow ;)

Mamarazzi said...

so was fun to go back and look at the past goodness too. i even saw a comment from me back in 2008...when we were thevasquez3...time flies!

Janna said...

Cute outfits! and love pictures from the past too... I have been reading your blog for the whole time you have been writing it...
Love ya

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