Sunday, April 11, 2010

the brightside of driving the blue cupcake.

oh you know there are simple things that can make a kid so happy.

things that adults just don't think of.

I'm talking about features on my new HOT RIDE-"the Blue Cupcake"

Joy's favorite feature is the manual crank windows!

she told me," MOM! these windows are so great! I can roll them down anytime I want, even when the car isn't on!"


"MOM! there isn't a window lock thingy so you can't stop me from rolling down my window!"

(she defiantly announced, as she rolled down her window and proceeds to hang her head out of it like a dog, blowing in the wind.)


pure awesomeness!

other people would see that feature as low brow, or old fashioned and outdated but to my 7 year old it's the awesomest feature she can imagine.

Oh and guess what! it has a cassette deck!

heck yeah!

anyone have a rad mixed tape they wanna send my way? you know so I can have some TUNES!

of course there is always radio, but there is something so rad about using a cassette.

it'd give it that almost VINTAGE feel.



so we've got the new extra fabulous BLUE CUPCAKE to drive.

while the most hideous thing about it is the paint color that is faded and oxidized .

the hubs affectionately calls that exact paint job "BEANER BLUE." (PC we are not)

(sadly Mexicans or other people of Latin decent would probably have a better paint job than this car has)

it's technically called Turquoise.

I die a little inside, every time I get to drive it.

you KNOW it's bad when I prefer to drive the 15 passenger van/bus instead.

i asked the hubs if we could repaint it hot pink , ya know so it could be "the Pink Cupcake" but he shot me down. saying he refuses to drive a pink car.

maybe if i can talk him into it or trade some favors, we can get it painted something else. ANYTHING ELSE. white would be an improvement.

so we have this new beater car. after I've died a little, I wonder if we'll ever be above driving a beater car).

Someday will we ever drive a decent 2nd car?

even our first car is a piece of shiz, but it at least isn't oxidized and has automatic windows.

(seriously the hubs is 40!)

as I was relating the wonders of our newest SWEET RIDE, my sister reminds me that we don't have car payments and we don't want one, nor can we afford one.

a little dose of reality hitting me in the face never hurts.

of course I'm just glad it's not squeaky with every turn of the wheels or every time I brake. like the crappy car I was driving before was. holy crud that was embarrassing.

The front end needed redone, the transmission going out and slipping more than it wasn't and costing more than it was worth, and the alternator crapping out finally did it in.

luckily we are blessed with a brother/brother in law that just happened to have purchased a beaner blue car he was willing to sell us/trade for the shiztastic broken down car. it has a clean interior, and it has those awesome manual crank windows AND a cassette deck.

which is a whole lotta AWESOME.

I'll take a picture in the sunshine so you can be super jealous of my sweet ride.

as i know you will be.

because everyone wishes they could drive something as hot lookin' as the blue cupcake!

I'll get a picture in the morning check back after noon-ish AZ time so you can see the pics.


what if we painted hot pink flames on the front? then we could rename it the blue flame, or the blue dart!


oh were you wondering the make and model?

it's a Pontiac Sunfire. no idea what year this beauty is.

feel free to be JEALOUS!

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The Glenns said...

Ha ha ha. My husband just asked, "Did she really say 'beaner blue'?" I replied, "She also said piece of shiz." Funny and completely inappropriate.

Never be above driving a beater.

Dave's Wife said...

We too have a comparable "sweet ride" it's a 1996 chevy lumina which we have named the "lumee" it was a hand me down from grandma, and it was not taken care of. Not matter how much air freshner we put in it, it still REAKS of grandma's old lady stinky perfume. There are stains on the seats, from her spilling her drinks, but it really looks like someone had an "accident" None of the windows roll down anymore and when you are in idle the car shakes profusely. I fear for my life any time I get in it. And PRAY that no one sees me! At least the lumee isn't beaner blue ;0)

jayna said...

the suspense is killing me....

The Lamps Family said...

I would give anything for a second car even if it was "beaner blue"!! As long as it had and air conditioner and ran fine I would be perfectly happy!! Can't wait to see a picture!

tammy said...

There is something to be said about not having a car payment.

Connor rode for the first time in a car the other day that had manual windows. I was laughing when he tried to describe the car to me because he had no idea what those handles were for.

I totally think you should paint it hot pink.

Cara said...

We rented a car that had Manuel windows and yes my kids thought they were cool too. And don't knock the tape deck - I have one in my car and I love it! I'll have to see if my brother can mix you up a cool tape like he did me.

Stacy said...

It gets you from 'a' to 'b'. Don't let those stinky-poo ducks near it!

Carie said...

That is one smokin hot car!

Rebecca Irvine said...

This too shall pass?? Just not on the freeway, I'm guessing.

jayna said...

sweet!!! lol. loved rebecca irvine's comment.

onehm said...

Can't WAIT to ride in the blue cupcake to Bunko tonight!! :)
I am always up for a car that has no payment and is really cheap to drive. I'm thinking I might like to get myself one of those actually...

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