Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday's version of rad/not rad

RAD- remember when people used to call flip flops, thongs?

NOT RAD- stringy underwear permanently up your crack ruined the shoe thong and forever made it mean uncomfortable underwear.

Rad- someone posting a video on facebook, you want to watch so you start it and pause it so you can watch buffer free after it's totally loaded.

not rad- being so ADD you click on something else ruining the download and making you start it over again. and again . and again. GENIUS I TELL YOU. sheesh. i may just give up

RAD- finally focusing enough on writing a blog post, to let it load ;)

RaD- watching it. and sharing it. (don't forget to let it buffer)

RAD/Not RAD-pathetically it made me tear up. yeah I've lived this one.

Rad- lunch and shopping date with a friend.

not rad- eating and not only rockin' the food baby look, but feeling a little puketastic, um dinner tonight is gonna be late.

Not rad- Forgetting your new sunglasses at the table

Rad- finding them when you went back for them.

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Janelle said...

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

CassiB said...

rad/not rad is my fave!

Daisygirl said...

I thought I had good internet but I couldn't get the dang video to play!

I hate when I leave something at the table and go back and its gone....glad you found your glasses!

Hope you have a great weekend ;)

Dave's Wife said...

I used to love me a pair of "thongs" back in the day. I kinda miss them. . . Now I only get to wear them on "special occasions" sad. . .

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I'm glad you found your glasses!!! I'm lost without my sunglasses!!! I love that video! :)

onehm said...

I am SUCH A FAN of your RAD/NOT RAD posts. They are some of my favorites of yours!! :)
YAY on finding those glasses...that would have been a bummer!!

jayna said...

glad you found your shades. i totally used to wear thongs... the underwear (to clear up any confusion). actually loved them. but traded them in, as it were. want to watch that video when i have sound on my computer. am behind reading your posts, so i may comment on the last couple. hugs,

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