Thursday, April 29, 2010

i like to buy all the materials needed to gear up for any project or plan

So i somehow got on a "shapewear" site this morning.

ya know, bras, panties, hosiery, girdles.

when i realized I will need a sports bra to begin my latest fitness plan. (dancey dance fitness)

(I like to buy all the materials needed to gear up for any project or plan)

so that means Shoes, and a good sports bra for sure.

they had a "no bounce sports bra" .

which instantly took me back to those agonizing teenage years of High school P.E.

here is a story for you...pop some corn it's a long one.

I always took a weight training and Aerobics class, which involved nothing but weight training and Aerobics.

sounds pretty good right?

except for the back and forth lap across the basketball courts to "warm up" .

at which time at least 2 boys PE classes were either doing the same thing or waiting for instruction on what they were supposed to do for the day.

now I've always been somewhat well endowed. (i think i rocked a D cup in high school)

here's why the no bounce bra triggered the memory---

on that one lap back and forth across the cement court, the boys would ogle, some would make rude gestures (hand motions of bouncing) they would even whoop and holler.

teenage boys are animals.

I would be mortified, apparently forever scarred for life.

even though I'd strapped the girls in for the Jaunt with a regular bra and a sports bra.

i ran slow in the back because if you run fast there is more "movement".

now you might think that some of these guys were looking elsewhere, and they might have been. and yet i know certain ones were being rude and crude just for me. because they had the nerve after that to hit on me.

you think I'd go out with you or give you the time of day AFTER you just mocked my rockin' hot bod in front of your friends?

um, yeah, problem was i didn't know it was rockin' hot, i felt fat back then. I took the mockin' and gestures as an insult. and i still fear running in public because of the bounce factor.

of course now, there is a jiggle factor as well. LOL


sidenote: this didn't happen just in P.E. because one time i really liked this guy in my Chorus class in CA, it was winter and i was covered up to my neck in a baggy sweater ( read: not exposing any cleavage) and i was late, so i was running down the hill on my way to class. and this boy i liked had the audacity to "gesture the bounce" to me after the fact thinking it was so...whatever.

instantly making me not like him at all and almost hating him.

because this is so true....

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
Maya Angelou

smart boys don't mention the bounce, they just enjoy the view.

yeah i think I'll have to try that " no bounce bra. "

any mortifying tales you wanna share from your agonizing teen years?

words of wisdom...

shopping tips for a good sports bra?

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CassiB said...

i had the opposite problem in jr/high school. same in that the boys were there to watch, but often heard a reference to "mosquito bites" and later found out, yep they were talking bout me. not complaining now, i was a late bloomer, as in after having and nursing 3, it's all good.
no bounce bra sounds like a good idea. i'm curious to know how they accomplish that, let me know how that works for ya.

Rebecca Irvine said...

I have the same fear of bounce!! I always wear two sports bras when working out to tray and prevent as much bounce as possible. maybe I should get myself a no-bounce bra as well.

Kimm said...

Champion is having a sale, I'll send you the link. Free shipping for two days too!

Carie said...

All I have to say is by 4th grade I was called Dolly Parton, enough said. Been tramuatized ever since.

Carie said...

Okay now that I got that memory out of my system I think I can post another comment, tips for buying a sports bra? Yeah I got one, good luck! There are not any that hold me in, and if they do then it is so tight that I can not even get it past my head! It drives me so crazy! I'll be waiting and watching for the tips people leave for you, but realize these woman who comment that don't have big suckers like us don't have a clue and their tips shouldn't count!

Susan said...

a no bounce bra? yah right. let me know...if its true i'll buy two.

here's hoping.

tammy said...

I used to want to strap mine down with ace bandages so they'd be smaller. Especially because I was a ballet dancer. Have you ever seen a ballet dancer with D cups? Me either. But then I learned that a 36-24-36 figure was actually quite coveted and I didn't mind anymore.

I actually was groped by this guy in high school. Just out of the blue. I was just thinking, did that just happen?? Nowadays he'd be kicked out of school and charged with a crime.


jayna said...

i have a friend who was a g cup. (it's true). she is a runner and is now a double d. she has a great bra. email me, if you remember and i will get the name of it. she runs some serious distance in those things.

boys are lame.

that's why i always took summer school p.e.


crystal said...

Advice: invest in an expensive bra--usually found at a running store--and strap those babies down!

Do NOT try to get by with the bras at Target, etc. You must invest. It'll be the best money spent on your entire workout ensemble.

What's your dancey-dance workout? Zumba?

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