Monday, May 3, 2010

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FB status admits crazymamaof6- Recently subscribed to her own brand of hotness. *previous subscribers could be found at Quicktrip.

translation- I've finally decided i'm cute/hot/attractive in my own way. previously i never subscribed to this way of thinking. and now I've embraced it.

however self inflated it sounds. whether you agree or not.

however shocking that it may be that when i was 17 (or the years between 11-32) in my prime i didn't believe i was something special.

and now after 6 kids and thyroid cancer with whatever long term after effects that come with both of those...i am HAWT.

attractiveness is more attitude than actuality.

I bought a vinyl lettering sign that says "if you are confident , then you are Beautiful." as a reminder for my girls.

who are we kidding? my girls have no lack of self confidence. AT ALL. never have. i seriously doubt they ever will.

whatever it was that made me lack self confidence.

however it was i lost that self assurance that I am beautiful and lovable and great.

well finally i figured out. i am loveable. I am great. I am worthy of my own self praise.

no exceptions. no 'considering' needed or added.

I am worthy of Love and affection . i am Beautiful and fabulous and FREAKING HOT when i wanna be.

and if i'm the only subscriber to that way of thinking so be it.

i heart this new album Habits album by Neon Trees

and this song Love and Affection-

How about you? Do you subscribe to your own brand of hotness? or whatever it is you may feel you lacked previously?

how do you see yourself? have you always been a subscriber? or is it a recent subscription?

Special thanks to Jes for sharing the wonder of Neon Trees with me.

i ♥ them.

*for some reason people at Qt have always been very flattering , sometimes i take what i can get.

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jayna said...

glad you have embraced it!!! you ARE great AND beautiful! glad you can see that for yourself. ;)

and i'm glad that you like the neon trees. i know the bass player. his wife is a good friend!


kay said...

i have to admit i do not consider myself all that. but i wish i could! you do inspire me tho...i'll work on it i promise!

Cherie said...

Very cool. You are sooooo on my follow list now!

crystal said...

Seriously? You haven't known before now that you are hot???

Funny that you post about this! I just finished a book tonight wherein the heroine takes a journey toward self-confidence and learns to throw off any worries about what people think.

Let us channel our inner Greta Garbo! No apologies!

I have had these thoughts churning inside me all day, so I love that my crazymama is on the same wavelength! (it's spooky, but i still love it)

Chat me up when we're both on facebook. We can have another late-nighter chat; i have a feeling we'll have a lot to say about this!

And why the hell are we learning it at age 38? (well, that's MY age...not sure of yours.)

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