Wednesday, April 28, 2010

before I can BS my way to an 'A' paper.

i have a hard time starting things i don't really want to do.

which has lead to my perfection of the art of procrastination.

we've discussed this before. frequently this semester.

sometimes i have to just give in. before i can begin the task at hand...


i need a beverage.

i need to eat before i can think properly because a slice of pizza at 2:30 isn't really gonna cut it for the day and all night. even if there is a rockstar thrown in for energy. apparently protein is needed for brain function.

carbs make me tired.

so those madeline cookies i adore really did nothing for me.

chicken salad sandwich. it was.

before i realized that though, i had to, HAD TO, make a new FB profile picture.

yeah, seems like if i have a project to do. i instantly need a new profile picture. i just need to give in and do it instead of fighting the urge and giving in anyway. (see above rad color blocked cartoony profile pic)

and finally after the food and beverage and profile pic, i can BS my way to an A paper.

and honestly at this point i don't care. i was just glad it printed . I'd like an A but if i missed the point well, whatever. '

then i half assed my study guide just so i can turn something in. because it doesn't even apply to anything now since it was due the day i had the ugly flu, and missed that exam.

it's worth points, that's the only reason i did it.


and now that i'm all done and set for bed. Pierce is still wide awake and raring to go. flippin' kid.

well happy Wednesday.

hope yours is uber fab. i'm just happy i'm all caught up.

SO? What's new with you?

do you have to eat something before you can think straight? what is it?

what is your get it done beverage of choice? mine was a Rockstar tonight.

how often do you make a new Profile pic for yourself?

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Cecily R said...

I'm just impressed you finished with all the other stuff you have on your plate. :)

And I am not cool and almost never change my profile pic. Frankly I don't have that many pictures of myself that I would EVER make public.

Jen said...

Love the new pic! Yay for finishing and I am sure you will get an A, you usually do! Almost done with school for the year! And yo know I am a DP girl all the way, if I can't have that Simply makes a real Lemonade and it is just so freaking good and easier to buy then for me to track down lemons and make my own, so that is #2.

Scrappy Girl said...

Hope you get an A! I love Diet Dr. pepper! Yummy!

jayna said...

love the picture!

as for me... i rarely post a new facebook picture. i don't know why. i guess i couldn't be bothered?

i actually am not a beverage fan. i only drink water these days. in fact, i don't understand the coke/dr pepper cravings. ? i know, i know.

i do like to think on a full belly, though. :)

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