Tuesday, April 27, 2010

rah rah rah randoms.

~i don't believe chocolate and fruit should mix and mingle.

(strawberries covered in chocolate are ok just not my ultimate thrill.)

~I'm giving up the nectar. (it makes my pancreas hurt.)

i still worship at the font called SONIC i just get an extra large ice water with extra ice.

i am rocking a mohawk as i type this. listening to 80's alternative rock.

Ring of Fire. a little social distortion is DEEELIGHTFUL!

which reminds me... i ♥ dancing.

so I'm going to start a new fitness regime.

i know right? oh yeah, this girl is going to exercise. HILARIOUS!

it's a dance fitness plan. I'll let you know how it goes once i actually start. in theory it sounds totally fun and doable. just like me. ;)

and if you just go dancing at the gym, you don't need glam club gear. plus you don't have to rock out in heels. (or corsets)

i tell you, it will be uber fab. or fun trying.

let me tell you a little something about myself. if someone says something bitchy to me. consistently. i hate them. oh i'm nice enough. i just won't like you. at all. ever.

especially if you say bitchy things to me about things that i can't help.

especially if you say these bitchy things thinking you are helping me in some way, you are wrong. you are just bitchy. making me dislike you more.

and if you suspect this could be aimed at you. it is.

mmmm, k?

NOTE: i realized last night (actually in the early hours of the morning) that perhaps my pancreas wasn't hurting it was my non existent ab muscles hurting from my Saturday night fitness regime, thus the need for the gym dance routine. way less strenuous.

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Rebecca Irvine said...

For your dancing workout you could try a little Latin Zumba, which is basically a latin dance workout. It is really fun and there is a FREE Zumba class on Thursday nights at our church (starts at 8:15 pm). But if you come you have to promise not to laugh at my awesome dance moves.

andrea said...

My sympathies and having to give up the nectar. I'm afraid that may happen to me one day.....but the thought depresses me so I try to not think about it. Wow. That made sense.

Good luck on the exercise thing. I keep thinking, every day, about getting my bike down, filling the tires, and riding a few miles. But it stops at the thinking part! I'm almost glad our weather is getting all cold and rainy again tomorrow. Then I don't have to worry about the "not doing" part!

Leslie said...

Today is my 6 week checkup and AFTERwards I will be going on my diet and try to exercise...However you are doing better then me to give up your Nectar...I dont know if I even want to try!! I hope it makes you feel better though!!

Oh I love Chocolate Covered Strawberries but hate Chocolate Covered Pretzels!!

DeANNA said...


jayna said...

... well what can i say? i'm addicted to chocolate covered strawberries from a place called cummings. just sayin.

sorry to hear that the nectar makes your pancreas hurt... i have a friend (who, incidentally, is allergic to all fruits and vegetables, animals, hay, etc.) who has gastronitis (sp?) issues and can't eat chocolate anymore because it's too acidic!!! oh the horror.

i'm sorry that someone has said not so nice things to you...

love your guts!

CassiB said...

i am actually on the computer not my ipod and i can comment!! woohoo.
anyway, you probably should give up the nectar or at least cut back, seriously not good for the pancreas if you end up having another attack! i am cutting back, in a weird way, going off diet and back to regular just less of them. i've decided those coke zeros are addicting and once i have one that's all i want all day! then i don't get my water in.
dancing idea is great! my cousin does a zumba class and loves it. i.do.not.dance. so it is not for me.
ya bitchy chicks suck, have had enough of them in my life!

tammy said...

I hate bitchiness. And know-it-all's. And Debbie Downers. And whiners who won't try to make their life better, but instead just whine.

Everytime I eat a strawberry, I want to chase it with some chocolate chips.

Daisygirl said...

oh let me telling you dancing works and its fun!
Love Social Distortion!!! woohoo!

Cecily R said...

Let me know how the dance routine goes...and if you try Zumba.

Sorry about your nectar loss. I guess most anything can be made better with extra crushed ice from Sonic.:)

Carie said...

OH all right I'll stop the bitchy comments, but only for a day ok!

Jen said...

I *heart* you! I will continue to LOL to myself now.

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