Tuesday, April 13, 2010

it is my hypothesis that ADD is a dominant genetic trait.

The latest?

Pierce is addicted to Nick Jr.com. all day every day. "MOM, I get on nick Jr. on this 'puter?"

even better is when he wants me to come see what he's playing or watching.
"Come dee" (he's still working on the initial consanant S sound)

by the way he get's another year of goals on his IEP.

hopefully it lasts and he won't get kicked out of preschool next year.


yesterday -
i introduced my kids to MR. ROGERS on PBS kids. hello the videos of how they make things from Picture Picture rock. of course Joy decided the hubs and I should become factory workers.

yeah that's gonna happen.

The kids are loving aims testing or the other standardized testing going on.

they don't have homework for a week and they all like taking tests all day.

how are they my children? i'd have test anxiety for a whole week as a kid. sure i tested fine but i'd freak out about it the whole week before and the week of.


OH wanna know something funny? or um TOTALLY DORKY?

we are doing Punnett squares/crosses in Biology in the mendelin genetics portion of the class.

and i made up my own punnet cross deal-y saying ADD/ADHD is genetic and a dominant trait. the hubs is a carrier since one of his parents is and I am 100% ADD since both my parents are ADD. using the methods learned.

I have proven that all of our kids have a 100% chance of being ADD/ADHD. of course the hubs scoffed at my made up Proof. but it makes sense.

now i just have to prove ADD is a dominant genetic trait and my little square is totally accurate.

yeah I'm that dorky.


OY! I have a new maid starting today! I'll admit the anxiety is setting in since I haven't pre-cleaned for her and yet, if I had time to pre-clean, don't you think I would just clean and not need a maid?

unfortunately I have homework and an exam in my college biology class on Wednesday, a lunch date today and bunko tonight. Plus 6 crazykids to deal with.
pre-cleaning isn't going to happen. like i'll declutter so they can get to the nitty gritty but in the past I've prescrubbed. seriously not happening today.

if you have help come in? do you pre-clean or don't you?!

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Janelle said...

I hate to admit it sometimes, but I sure do. I work full time and have 3 kids- I feel like I deserve a little break from scrubbing toilets and mopping floors! I do however do the pre-clean before she comes and with 3 kids, i'm constantly picking up and cleaning on the daily too!

Flea said...

Um, I've done a lot of research and ADD is definitely genetic. Oh, and I love to take tests. It can be an ADD thing. It's a challenge, or a game. See my driving post today.

Carie said...

I really would answer your question, but unfortunately I am too busy hating you!
Sorry (said in my best Gilly voice).

Jen said...

You're not dorky you are smart! Ahh I forgot to ask you about the new maid! hope it went okay. I will talk to you later.

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