Friday, April 16, 2010

the world doesn't stop when mama gets sick.

I'm Alive. barely. this flu kicked my trash. and I'm still not feeling all that rad.

but I'll spare you the details. (like every lymph node in my neck is mega swollen and hurting)

it wasn't just me though, this week Paxton, Pierce, and Liberty have had it.

Liberty and I seem to have been the hardest hit.

Pierce doesn't let much effect him but slept in my bed all week long. UGH. he's had it the longest and it originated with him.

Paxton just slept hard for 2 days all day and he was better.

one day of me being sick i was dead to the world enough i missed the kids leaving for school.

who knows what they wore, or what their hair looked like? NICE. at least it's less obvious with their short hair now.

I have NEVER EVER slept through the morning routine before . EVER. not with cancer. not after having a c-section. not with pancreatitis.

nothing has ever stopped me from doing morning hair and finding clothes for the kids.

until this week. (yesterday to be exact.)

by the way, the ducks ran away. one morning they just weren't out back anymore. they left in a herd. I'll confess, I'm not sad. at all.

the kids were. but they haven't brought it up much.

So? what is your comfort thing when you are sick? special food? trash tv? a good book?

do you never get a day off?

my comfort thing is lots of ice water. sonic ice preferably, and i almost wept at the sight of a Popsicle the other day.

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Jen said...

Well I am glad the hubs was good enough to get the kids to school. That would be a major stretch in our house! I hope you feel better soon! I like Sprite when I am sick, lipton noodle soup with saltines, and a good book and my couch for some reason, almost never my bed, and lots and lots of reruns on tv.

Carie said...

Your so very welcome!!! See I was trying to be a good computer friend, and wanted to do something to make it up to you with how mean my comments have been while you have been faking sick, so I snuck over one night and gathered up all your duckys and took them far far away to swim in our riparian reserve that we have here in Gilbert.
You can thank me later, I'm easy to please!

onehm said...

eeeew!! So sorry that you haven't been feeling well! :(

Daisygirl said...

oh no soooo sorry to hear you are ick! Kinda funny about the quack quacks but thats a duck for ya huh?

I don't ever get a day off...have not had a whole day off since 2004. I think that is against the law right to not have vacation time in 6 years?
When I am sick my down comforter is my favorite thing, and movies from the 80s!

Hope your feeling better soon!

Cara said...

Love Sac, snuggie, dark room, and my reality TV shows. That is how I recouperate :)

Rebecca Irvine said...

Get well soon. I love fudgesicles when I am sick.

tammy said...

Ugh! No fun! When I'm that sick I like ice cream for my sore throat. It's a must. And I eat it all day long. Naps on the couch, good books, my favorite movies and a husband in town is always nice but hardly ever happens. Or if he's in town, he usually has it too and we all know they are much sicker than we are.

jayna said...

ugh. hope you get back to your 'A' game soon! being sick is the worst!

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