Monday, April 5, 2010

The moral of the story....

tonight i wanted take out for dinner. (sometimes the idea of cooking is not appealing right?)

but i thought i'd suck it up and do my motherly duty and cook dinner. except we were lacking an ingredient.

which translates to me needing to hit the store BEFORE i could start dinner. it's logical right?

so i get my stuff together, put shoes on, grab my purse and inform the hubs of my selfless ambition to provide sustenance for the family.

but i just need this one ingredient, did we need anything else while i was there?

this conversation lasted 2 minutes. a quick inventory took place and i was all set to leave.

hand on the door, keys in hand, on my way.

when suddenly i was set upon by children begging to come along.

Oh, sorry you can't come, you don't have shoes.

off they rush to procure footwear!

i've never seen them move so fast! ( it sure as heck doesn't happen before school!)

2 people instantly joined the excursion, with others threatening to crowd in.

at this point we made a hasty exit knowing the longer I fought it, the more that would be joining me.

so the 2 younger girls and I hopped in the "blue cupcake" (our new shiztastic beater car, I'll tell you about it later. you'll be jealous for sure)

and we head toward the neighborhood grocery store when i realized i needed money from the bank that isn't attached to my debit card first. thinking it'd just be easier to hit walmart where my other debit free bank is located instead of the store around the block we head off.

and somehow shopping at walmart can't be a 5 minute trip.

we must beg for cereal and juice and an assortment of other delights. i say yes, Ok to everything.

except the stuffed clearance animals leftover from Easter. because why do we need stuffed ducks and bunnies when we have live ducks and mess already. i'm not that nice. we moved on.

checking out was pretty great because Joy loaded everything onto the belt, and off the spinny bag rack into the cart again.

When in the parking lot i ran into an old friend. so we chatted for a long while much to the girls dismay.

by the time everything was purchased and in the car, i was done.

I'm sorry we are now having cereal for dinner. no homemade fresh dinner.

and yet when all was unloaded i was willing to still make dinner. going above and beyond.

until i heard... Can we just have cereal for dinner?


I'm leaving you people eat some freaking cereal!

i wanted a real dinner. no one wanted to eat it. so i ended up getting take out for just me alone.

the moral of the story?

that is what i get for not going with take out in the first place.

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CassiB said...

haha love it!

Jenn Toon said...

Haha! I cannot tell you how much that sounds like us all too regularly. Thanks for the assurance that I'm not the only one! :)

Tammy said...

Sounds like our house when hubby is in town! Love it!!!

Susie said...

Classic. :)

Cecily R said...

I have been there and done that!!! My kids dig cereal dinner!!

tammy said...

This just reminded me I don't have anything planned for dinner tonight. Hmmm....maybe takeout?

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