Wednesday, April 7, 2010

These skills do not cultivate themselves...

oh dear, it's Wednesday again. Whatever shall I do?

I will procrastinate that article essay until 11:30pm on Tuesday night.

I will go to lunch with an old friend and meet for the first time a fellow cancer survivor, finally.


I will fly kites with my little kids.


I will go to dinner with my brother's family.

I will sweep the floor and do the dishes.

I will find a new profile picture for FB.


I will do almost anything to avoid getting started on the task at hand.

it's typical.

mastering the fine art of procrastination is exhausting.

in other news, I've been (felt like) a failure recently (forever)

I failed to dye eggs with my children.

I failed to get one single picture of my whole little family together for Easter.

I failed to bake cookies for the holiday.

I failed in seeing the blessings in my life while dwelling on the things that make life hard.

I {apparently} failed at training my kids in the proper art of cleaning.

I fail to believe that children should never have fun and only do chores and clean. because being children lasts forever you know.

being a failure is quite depressing. excuse me while I wallow in self loathing.

I'll get back to you at another time.

I must go take a nap now. AHEM I mean go to bed so I can get up and start all over again with the mastery of failure and procrastination.

These skills do not cultivate themselves, you know, they must be tenderly nurtured and worked on daily, to achieve maximum potential.




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blah, blah by lindsey said...

i didnt color eggs, we ended up going to the store at 6 am to get candy for the baskets. I dont think you are a failure. In fact i think the things you do on a daily basis a quite inspiring! You are a great friend, you are smart and i am blessed to know you. Hugs

Jenifer said...

We didn't do easter eggs, or bake or anything. In fact, we went to OLIVE GARDEN for Easter dinner. THank heaven Cara took my kids for an egg hunt. Granted, we were moving, but this may not go down in history as the worst Easter ever :)

jayna said...

i'm sorry you feel that way! and i wish you could see you through my eyes! you is fantastic!! know that you are loved and admired...


jayna said...

oh, and as for procrastination secrets... no secret here... i do the same thing. i do EVERYTHING else around what needs to be done. been doing it for years now. and i've started eating while i'm at work and don't want to do what i need to.

as for how i've failed?? let me count the ways...


Daisygirl said...

I didn't color eggs with the kiddoz this year because I didn't want to clean up the mess...ya I was being selfish...whatever!

I hate self loathing but ya know what sometimes you just have to take a bath in it!
I am failing at potty training my 2 1/2 year old and have given up for the time being. I have failed at taking away the bottle, he still gets his milk in one! Whatever!
I have failed at being a good big sister to my littlest sister she said to me the other day..."I don't even really know you"...that sucked! Granted she is 12 years younger than me and I was off and married while she was still in Jr high!

Anyway I think your awesome, the picture of the 3 of you is great!

Jen said...

First off jealous of the lunch, I haven't seen Tara in forever! I totally procrastinate things, always have always will, I work well under pressure (usually). And honestly I am tired of beating myself up, I am usually trying my hardest to do the best I can and on the days I don't do so well I think I make up for (or can) on the days I do good, and if that isn't good enough, oh well. I think I try and yeah sometimes I fall short but who doesn't you know? And I am okay with that.

The Glenns said...

I have mastered the fine art of loathing. I am a failure. My favorite quote, "We are all going to die."

I take comfort in knowing I have great company.

Cara said...

I didn't bake or get Easter dresses or a Sunday picture of the girls. We did dye eggs but it took all of 15 min and then we were done. It was very low-key this year. Don't feel bad, we all aren't living up to our potential.

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