Monday, April 5, 2010

a stupid mother sucker .

ah, Easter.

was successful.

the baskets were well received.

the kids are in that stage where i don't think they really believe anymore but they don't say, except demanding things, and KNOWING the Easter bunny will pull through.

(like someone insisting they needed a wallet from the Easter bunny for money storage) , which resulted in me going to walmart at 11:30 on Easter eve. where i accidentally flashed a whole line of people behind me my considerable cleavage with an eyeful of "the girls" .

LATER TODAY after finding the gloriously filled baskets, the kids then thanking me profusely.

that tells me they know but of course hope for the best.


OF COURSE going and getting the new ducks together gives us(MOM AND DAD) all the credit(SCREW GIVING ALL THE GLORY TO FICTITIOUS COMMERCIAL ICONS), and when i wanted to get six DUCKIES, well i'm the hero then.

of course the morning after i'm rethinking the whole ordeal and the blame happily goes back to the hubs for saying they could have chicks which turned into , getting ducks.

i have to think actually having ducks is less fun than holding a cute baby one for 5 minutes although the kids are in heaven.

Hope has slept on the floor right next to them for the last 2 nights. YEAH, she has. even though i keep telling her to sleep in her own bed.Photobucket

Pierce keeps bringing his to show me. and share with me.

" Mama, you hold pooh ducky shadow, awww cute baby ducky!"

you heard the chosen name? Poohducky shadow? yeah he says the whole thing,EVERY TIME.

and all of them have taken our last name. because they are now members of the family.


so is it bad I'm hoping something will happen to lessen the numbers? the idea of one dying is heart breaking, but the idea of having a couple less, sounds good . except Who could lose one, and not be scarred for life? double edged sword.

Which is the same reason there are 6 of them. (ducks not kids.)

how can you get 4 ducks to share between 6 kids? someone would get screwed.

and yet, it's like having too many fish in a tank. not enough surface area for shiz. GAH! the cleaning of the storage container is a daily, maybe twice daily deal. and seriously? like i need to deal with that? or even think about it?


sigh. i'm just a sucker for small fuzzy babies of all kinds.

a SUCKER! a stupid sucker!

a stupid mother sucker .

and yet they sound so cute, and have those cute webbed feet, and they are a nice fuzzy texture and color. and then the odor wafts my way and i think...


it's like having a new baby. minus the diapers. and night time feedings.

i think i found a new form of birth control.

buying small pets. all the effort and none of the delightful shopping that comes with a new baby. and shiz that isn't in a diaper.

if i doubted the idea of being done before i'm darn sure now that I AM SO DONE!

oh and i found out what Liberty's duck has for a middle name.

she pronounced it WaH-FER

"Vanilla Wafer (WAH-FER). you know like the cookie!"

WaH-FER? oh you mean WAY-FER?

she'd read it, but didn't know how it sounded apparently.

she's more like her dad then we give her credit for.

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CassiB said...

what a great adventure! haha. you are one SORRY MOTHER SUCKER! you are also an INSANE MOTHER SUCKER! but i also know you are a BAD BUTT MOTHER SUCKER so that totally makes up for the other =) the word read wrong is so funny, my megan does that all the time! and even when we correct her, if she's been reading it that way for awhile, it takes a few times for her to remember it right, lol.

Carie said...

Thank the Lord above it is you and not me, heck I would have just thrown them in the backyard and hoped for the best! I sure the heck am not jealous any more, I'll take Peeps over real Peeps any old day!

Dave's Wife said...

You are one brave mama! I am not sure i would ever consider buying live ducks for my kids. But {6}??? Wow. You deserve mother of the year! I am sure those people who were out late at Walmart the other night would agree... ;0)

jayna said...

ooohh. they really are so cute!! i know, i'm a sucker for little fuzzy babies too. and totally, how could you lose one and not be scarred for life?

fun posts.

Stacy said...

Find a farm to take them (the ducks). Quickly! My mother suckered into getting chicks for my youngest sister when she was 3. That summer, half of the back yard had to be fenced off so the ducks could have a 'home'. A kiddy swimming pool was their pond which had to be dumped and cleaned twice a day. Every time we went in to clean the pool, the ducks would chase and nip at us. My sister never went near them because she was so afraid. Yeah, they're cute when they're babies but who'll end up slipping on their runny poo every day? The mother sucker! Get rid of them fast!

Daisygirl said...

haha great term there...stupid mother sucker! haha! And the name pooh ducky shadow is growing on me! Very creative kid you have there!

Piper said...

Ha! I see my sister Stacy left a note!! I was that little sister!! Oh, how I loved Cindy and Frank! (nice names, huh?) BUT then they multiplied! Duck poo is the WORST smell ever. AND, when there were too many eggs, my dad would perform Duck abortions. Throwing the eggs against the fence. Ya, I'm scarred. so whether they live or die, everyone will be scarred!! Take them to a lovely farm, and visit them often!!!

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