Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The one where Rube Goldberg was nestled on the curve of her hip.

after a long night of restless (sinus pain) interrupted sleep, she woke up to 2 little feet resting leisurely on the curve of her hip.

after all, the substantial curve seemed to be the perfect resting place while he kicked back with his feet up, hands behind his head, lounging in his slumber.

she took note of the positional humor and considered taking camera phone pictures. (but they didn't turn out).

she had a feeling someday she'll miss her cozy friend. and want to remember what those little feet looked like.


this was after an evening in search of items for the rube goldberg machine the 5th grader was working on.

it has now been acknowledged that procrastination is unwise when creating a rube goldberg machine. as it leads to frantic errand running, untested results and an extra late night.

at 11:30 Peyton was fading. by midnight we gave up and called it a night.

the mousetrap started the process, by snapping and pulling out the sponge brush (next picture) that was blocking the marbles in the track from falling into the cup.

the cup filled and the weight pulled out the plug from the funnel filled with water that went through the PVC pipe to fill up the
3 liter water tank causing the 2 liter bottle inside to float,

tipping the board enough to slide the 3 blade knife to swing and pop a balloon.

By the end of the night we realized the plastic couldn't hold the weight of so many marbles and had to adjust the track taking off the yellow spiral track and just loading the rest of the track and having extra marbles in the red funnel.

when we bring it home today i'll take the final project pics.

we celebrated our anniversary at home with the kids eating lasagna that i made and later having ice cream sandwiches i picked up on my errand running in search of marbles, and foam.

there was a burping contest around the table and a scream fest just for fun. (consisting of 6 kids screaming as loud as they can for as long as they can, while mom and dad laugh)

romantical it wasn't but it's a true reflection of our reality.

for my anniversary the hubs surprised me with a clean microwave. it was special because he's never ever cleaned it before plus it was super easy with the self cleaning special foaming cleaner he found in the cupboard.

(he found it under the sink and tried it out. when i opened the microwave i thought someone had snuck in and done it while i was napping. turns out he just wanted to try the cleaning stuff) and a gift of service was given. and appreciated.

he got that super exciting blog post note. ;)


and here is a mega huge rube goldberg machine in the new OK GO video.

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Janna said...

how cool and that's what happens the longer you've been married, anniversaries are low key.

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