Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rad/Not Rad - Harvesting DNA Samples and other random delights

NOT RAD- Regular milk on my cereal

RAD-Almond milk on my cereal

RAD - going to lunch with my lab friend

Rad- rubbing it in to those that weren't invited to come along

Rad-harvesting my DNA for a lab experiment

Not RAD- swishing saline solution for a whole minute

RAD-trying not to laugh in order to harvest the aforementioned DNA sample.

Rad- harvesting DNA meant spitting in a cup.

Rad seeing the other girl trying not to spew because my laughing was making her laugh.

Not rad- duck pooh

Rad-pooh ducky shadow

Not rad- So i was wallowing,

RAD-I'm fine now.

it was exhaustion talking. i don't ever dye eggs. EVER it's messy and crazy, and i like to avoid that. the only one that cared about the cookies was me. and the picture, there is always another chance for a family picture. same outfits, different day? meh, who's gonna know or care? nobody.

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Rebecca Irvine said...

i use Almond milk too--lower in calories and yummier.

The Glenns said...

I don't love dying easter eggs. Kindof hate it actually. Never do it. Only mothers of way-too-many hate dying easter eggs. Everyone else thinks it's great.

How's the schooling going? Are you looking forward to summer vaca...with all the the heat. Bring it on!

jayna said...

i like the way you roll... eggs are messy. and you're right, aint no one gonna know about the pics. ha ha ha.

ps. i love almond milk on my cereal too!! (but i do still have a place in my heart for skim milk)


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