Thursday, April 8, 2010

things change pretty quickly....

did you know that when i was roughly 14 I aspired to be

a "hippy animal farmer"

one that wore nothing but overalls, had long pony tails or braids.

I planned on driving a vintage mail jeep OR a Volkswagen bus.

I planned on having cows, pigs and other farmy farm animals. sheep, chickens, ducks. etc.

I also wanted 12 kids to, ya know, "work the farm" .

this fantasy lasted until I was 17 ish. (ok 21)

this farm was going to be located out in a near and yet not too far rural farm community.

how funny that things change and pretty quickly....

because that farm community is now the suburban mecca called Queen Creek. (and I wouldn't be caught dead living out there , it's just too far away from my family/town)

and what do ya know...

I wear my hair Short and Chic. I can't pull off sporting the hippy farmer braids "look".

I prefer new trendy clothes, and I'm sort of a Diva. make-up, pedicures, house keepers.

my ride is not a far cry from a bus, but darn it, it isn't a vintage Volkswagen.

and by my blogger alias, it's obvious we are on hold with an even half dozen chilluns. which I've failed in my training of, they don't do much of anything much less pet care.

now this recollection came about this morning as I was lamenting my latest hair brained scheme of getting ducklings for Easter for the kids.

I realize one might have been Ok but holy crap! 6 of them and I'm SO OVER IT!

already! it was over for me in a matter of days. (read 1)

they are stinky, and sadly one has passed on from a table jumping incident.

which deeply saddens me, and yet, after i took them to preschool to show and tell all i could think was...


I'm already plotting how we will foster them out to some lucky farmer, or perhaps ditch them at a nearby park. with ducks and a pond once they are a little older and have a chance of survival.

I am SO NOT a farmer. sure they are still cute. and getting cuter. but i don't wanna touch them.

somehow just having them, or seeing them, makes me feel dirty .

and I need to wash my hands and maybe sanitize everything that has seen or touched them.


pretty funny huh?!

just goes to show, what I wanted at 14 is DEFINITELY not what something I can even deal with at 32~

AH. yeah. fun walk down memory lane. funnier how my reality turned out.

or is that just funny to me?


I even considered joining FFA (future farmers of America) until i realized all the guys in there were $hit kickers COWBOYS, and I was into the grunge/alternative/skater look.

what were your life plans back in the day?

do they match your reality?

kids? cars? job expectations? spill it! what was your then v.s. now?

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Jenn said...

I always just wanted to be a mom--- I didn't dream about the future outside of that. Love your big dreams though. We had ducks and pheasants in our back yard growing up and it was great. I named my pet duck (there was like nine babies at once) poopy and tried to teach him tricks, he never caught on. I also at one time had a pet catfish that I dug trenches all over the back yard for it to swim all over. And we had a pet bat once. My dad brought home some baby raccoons that we raised for a while. And we always had dogs. I think I sound like a wild woman now--- LOL--- really my dad just was an animal lover and tried to take in every broken animal and fix it.

Nani Udall said...

I was going to study art abroad, drive a Land Rover (some desires never change) and live in a trendy loft. Man it's funny to see that in writing.

jayna said...

i was drawing floor plans during church when i was 7. always wanted to be an interior designer and travel the world. but although i always wanted to do that, i never thought i actually would. i thought i would be, always wanted (and still do) to be a mom. what can i say. BUT, i'm an interior designer and i love to travel the world. when my handy civic gives up the ghost, i will get a mini and continue on. ;)

jayna said...

oh, and i love this post. i never knew that about you!!! (well, except for the part about you liking the skater type.) ha ha ha.

Daisygirl said...

who knew that something so little and cute could be such trouble! Ummm me I watched Friends a lot and they had trouble with just a duck and a chick, I couldn't imagine 6 of them.

Its crazy how overalls used to be in you remember just the one strap look? did you ever do that? I did...what a nerd I was!
I wanted to be an Interior Decorator until I had the worst college professor ever that discouraged me from it...oh well I love what I am doing now being a mom and writing my book, and aspiring to be a photographer...things just work out for the best I guess!


Girl, You crack me up!!! Sorry about the dead duck. I didn't really have a dream so much as a child but now I would like to own to or three acres outside prescott and have chickens only. I want to sit outside my rustic farmhouse reading while my kiddos run around in their underwear except for church and school. Oh yeah and I would be BAREFOOT!! pregnant is not an optiona as we all know.

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