Saturday, May 15, 2010

classy like that.

Typical Saturday.

Cleaning , laundry(yes both are ACTUALLY HAPPENING!) .

plus- 3 cousins over all day.

Costco (has to happen).

deflecting demands of going swimming.

birthday party running.

ya know the basics.

Pierce and Garrett(my nephew) made their own pool in a wheelbarrow. 'cuz we are classy like that.


the hubs and I had a hot date last night to see Letters to Juliet, which was FABULOUS. if you love predicable romantical type movies.

which i do.

and wing-stop because i ♥ their Fries with Ranch. heavenly day.

i crave those delights on occasion and this craving has been going on all week. hot date for sure.

yup typical saturday here.

hope yours is delightful.

my 3.5 minutes of computer time is up. freaking kids.

back to laundry and cleaning (actual, not imaginary/intended but forgotten style)

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Nani Udall said...

Petti-Skirts with legging today at Cosco. You should check-em out. To bad I didn't run into you while I was there. Have fun!

Webb Family said...

Sounds like a Saturday at our house!

tammy said...

I laughed at your comment about actual cleaning, not the imaginary/intended.

You're lucky Lance will see those movies with you. My hubby will not.

Daisygirl said...

I was wondering about that movie!!!
Hope your actual cleaning wasn't too painful!!! Crack me up!

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