Thursday, May 13, 2010

I forgot my master plan to...Never Admit Anything!

just catching up and posting pics of Peyton's rockin' band concert, and Pierce's mother's day tea.

it seems i forgot to blog this morning, and then i went shopping. all day. at the last store.

there was a new guy working there.

anyway, he asked me if i roller skated. to which i replied, uh, not really, not since i was a little kid. then, he said ,"WELL, my wife and I are starting up a new Roller Derby team, if you are interested in trying it out you should Come and try it! they won't let you derby until you are ready."

HOLY CRAP! I saw WHIP IT, with Ellen Page,

who wouldn't wanna do that?!

how cool would that be?

i didn't go though.

my mama commitments were already committed to Peyton ...

Peyton had his end of Year band concert tonight.

they played 2 songs. then the 6 grade played and then the teacher handed out awards.

Peyton earned himself 302 band master points. for practicing and music tests.

pretty awesome .

He plays Percussion. tonight he played the bells, and the snare drum.

afterward we went to happy McDonald's for dinner, classy right?

It came up, that i played flute in band back in the day. Peyton asked if i was any good? "um , no. i got kicked out, for not practicing or bringing my instrument."


i felt awesome admitting that. NOT!

i 'd forgotten my master plan to admit nothing of my youth to my kids. and here i am confessing this.

GAH! Stellar parent moment!

did i mention i OFFICIALLY got an A in biology? yeah i did. it was posted online officially last night. yay me. WHOOHOOO!

see I'm not totally a bad/craptastic example. i feel better now. whew. totally redeemed myself now.


remember last week i went to Pierce's preschool mothers day tea?

here are the pics....and a video.

dang he's freaking cute.

the pirate dance...

on our lunch date after the tea, he was hiding and just about to go under the table.

and then he made me move to the high top table. Oh and buy him a different lunch.

seriously? OF COURSE!

really, all he likes to do there is throw money into the fountain.

then...i realized i mentioned yesterday , that in ten years i'll look back at the pics from mothers day and look back fondly, past myself in them and admire my kiddies and HOLY CRAP

in ten years do you know how old my kids will be?

Pierce will be 13, Hope 15, Joy, 17, Paxton-19, Liberty 20 and Peyton-21. WHAT?! yeah i could feasibly be a grandma? ok not quite but still.


i think i want them to just stay this age forever. minus the bickering and mess making. i can have that right?

best part of today?

ROLLER DERBY! that's HOT! and great exercise.

really i don't think i'm tough enough for that.

i'm kind of a weenie.

but I'm still totally flattered i was asked.

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Roller Derby? Love it!! Way to go on the A, super impressive.

Laura said...

Sometimes its hard the enjoy the chaos but someday I know we will miss it... maybe not the messes Good Job on your A!

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