Friday, May 21, 2010

Facebook status Friday

if we are Friends on FB i apologize now if this bores you. if we aren't friends hopefully it's funny and new to you. it's all ya get.

crazy end of year rush. mixed with parties that aren't for me. almost no time to even go on a date for MY birthday. which is on TUESDAY.

wah wah wah.

excuse me while i wallow in self pity.

Ok wallowing done.

onward to some of the funnier kid things that happened.

they went on FB because it's handy so i don't forget.

Crazymama- just muttered "OY VEY" under her breath. Joy (age 7) asks isn't that spanish? NO. French? NO! Italian? NO! GO TO FREAKING BED! (she's scared to be alone upstairs if everyone else is asleep.) so here i go. night all. she's counting down "mommy it's been 4 minutes *yawn* are you almost finished?" be jealous, this is my life.

she's still waiting for me to post this.

Crazymama- Had the pleasure of taking her sidekick with her to the mall. This sidekick thought the dress i wore in was better than the pants i was there to try on. He insisted on riding the escalator up and down, riding a dragon on the 2 story carousel , Getting gumballs and cookies and never wanted to come home. To think i used to do that weekly with 4 kids is insane.

when asked why i went to the mall weekly my reply was as follows...

Well, it was actually more often. but there was kids club. A play area, air conditioning. Food. Bathrooms. Kids trapped in the stroller. A friend to go with. Store people that knew me by name. Sales. Unloading and loading into the car only once. We went regularly enough my kids called it home. Multiple malls nearby. Different kids clubs. Yeah. Cheap entertainment for a mom that needed to get outta the house. I went until there were 5 and i had cancer. Then i broke that habit for lack of energy.

honestly it was genius. ;) as long as you don't mind not having a total nap schedule. which i didn't. it got too hard when they started school but i think this was the first time the youngest got to go experience the wonder. LOL. i used to be a super fun mom.

(and yeah i had cancer. it's on my profile deal, but apparently some people don't catch that tidbit) it was Thyroid Cancer. which i lovingly refer to as a long term annoyance.

Crazymama's Kids not waking mom up during the school year = bad.
kids not waking mom up during the summer = good.
seriously how many school days left? Maybe we can work on being on time for those. This is ridiculous.

they can't seem to stop fighting and let me sleep past 7:30 on saturdays, but today, they were silent like a grave. they were plotting to stay home. YEAH RIGHT! i have how many kid free days left?

Crazymama- just paid the 3year old 2 bucks to go to bed.

Happy Friday.

leave a comment. because...

Crazymama- intends to Reevaluate : Verb: Revise or renew one's assessment.

read: reevaluate current priorities, hobbies, philosiphies. domesticity. it may or may not include a break from any and all current priorities and hobbies (including but not limited to facebook and blogging) if i suddenly disappear, you'll know why.

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Carie said...

OH you and your threats.
I'm scared, really I am.

Anonymous said...

I am delurking to say that you get me through my surprise SAHM ( unemployment) days.You have a lot to handle and you get through it with humor, what a blessing! You remind me a little of Erma Bombeck with her "views" on life, house, child rearing. Keep writing and I'll keep reading ;)
Tina in San Diego

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