Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"just run in circles screaming until mom comes down. "

overheard this morning....

"just run in circles screaming until mom comes down. "

which made me chuckle and think, so that's what they really do?

the background...

another accidental late start.

8:03:someone shut off the alarm for me. 20 minutes to get 5 kids ready and out the door. on my own.

i hop up throw on my house dress sans bra,

go to the bathroom,

Liberty comes in begins setting up her case to stay home sick. (she's a first class hypochondriac-today her lymph node hurt)

until of course i laid it out for her..."you won't be staying home today. there are 6 days left this year, you are going, and if you hurry getting ready I'll go buy the yearbooks. " (5x $15= ouch)

suddenly she's fine and off to spread the word. "hurry and get ready find some clothes, so mom will buy year books." 8:06

the boys loudly lament, "i don't know where any clothes are". (oblivious to the mountain of clean clothes on the couch. male patterned blindness starts early)

Joy's advice "just run in circles screaming until mom comes down. "

i chuckled to myself, grab a bra, and head down. giving instructions as i come. while stripping off my own dress and putting my bra on (i don't go anywhere without a bra, especially to the flagpole at school to buy yearbooks)

throw clothes at those that need them, help find shoes, brush hair. rush out the door.

ignore the need for hair bows for once. we are loading into the van. 8:27

4 kids were in the car, and one genius was lost watching TV in Pierce's room.

"why didn't you yell at me?" 8:28

um , because you should have been in the car, not upstairs lost wearing your backpack watching TV? you are 11. i believe you are capable of getting in the car on your own."

we rolled up to the school at 8:29, the yearbook tables were already taken down, but my rad friend was still there, settling the money and yearbooks with the PTO ladies.

i handed over my chunk o' change while the kids were getting tardy passes. (like everyday-sorry Darla)

and put names in fast before they came back out. they grabbed them on the way to class.

whew. seriously hafta stop being seen like this so early in the morning.

of course i had shoes and a bra on, so i hit the corner store for a beverage.

nothing like paying 79 cents for a rendezvous with a tall dark and handsome Dr.

sometimes I'm frugal and cheat on my secret lover, sonic.

all that to tell the background to Joy's theory on finding clothes and getting ready in the morning.

why yes, i do dress my kids every day.

I'm beginning to think i've crippled them.

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Leslie said...

LOL, I hope you were wearing more then just a bra and shoes:oD

Our year books were $22 and 4 of them really hurt!! Ohwell, it did make for good bribes!!

andrea said...

Well done. I just got out of the time to pick up my kids in 30 minutes...blah! Only 5 1/2 more days of freedom!

And yearbooks for $15 & $22? Good grief! Ours were $6.....yep, xeroxed pages of photos with the good old plastic binding. More than I ever got in Elementary School.

Amy said...

You seriously crack me up. I totally don't go ANYWHERE without my "ladies" being held up. Everything else can look like hell. Running in circles until Mom hears...CLASSIC.

The Glenns said...

I dress my kids too.

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