Saturday, May 22, 2010

sudden realizations

i believe:

if you love it.
do it,
wear it,
eat it,
be it.
life is too short for regrets.

you don't get a prize for being the most self sacrificing or most disciplined.

ok you might be skinny. and you might have money in savings and if that's what floats your boat yay you.

i'm just saying. i live life out loud.

Crazymama Sometimes feels like the voice of evil. I just realized I am not diet friendly or frugal for those big into denying themselves the good things in life.

I firmly Believe life is uncertain eat dessert first. that is if you want dessert/ like dessert. whatever. same goes for drinking a beverage. really? in the eternal scheme of things, is it gonna matter how much Dr.Pepper you drank? it doesn't. if it makes you happy, gives you a moment of enjoyment or it is your liquid sanity. go for it. i'm so not diet friendly.

same for budget friendly.

if you see it and want it, buy it.

you can always return it. (know your return policies first) life is too short for regrets. buyers remorse is always better than missing out on a deal. especially when often you think about it, want it , go back to get it and it's GONE!

I've done that a too many times.

i also make alot of returns.

just a warning.

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Cherie said...

I am a firm believer in the Lord and it seems that this very topic keeps coming up a whole lot lately. You are right, when we die and go to heaven, it really wont matter so much. It is what is in our hearts that matters most and how we love others. Thanks for a wonderful reminder to enjoy life!!!!

Carie said...

Your my role model Crazymama, I wish I could tell the world to screw it and I could be just who I am with no care to what anyone thinks. Could you teach me how? Oh I bet you could! Ha!

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