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My Kids Rock! Mothers day 2010


it has taken me a couple days to get around to this delight. (loads of pics and images)

i would have posted something heart warming and sentimental the day of about my love for my children and my life goal of being a mama being fulfilled. if they would have let me have a turn on my computer.

instead i facebook mobiled this-

CRAZYMAMAOF6- Only ever dreamed of being a mama. No lofty career goals for this girl. I had no idea how hard it could be and yet i wouldn't give it up for anything. My greatest blessings in life call me mama, my friends call me crazymama. I honestly wouldn't want it any other way! :-D

a couple hours after i'd posted this...about my royal treatment and breakfast in bed.

Crazymamaof6- Pink heart shaped pancakes, delivered with a carbonated caffeinated beverage and cards saying she ROCKs and is rad. Do her kids know her or what? Awesome mothers day so far. Hope everyone else has a fabulous mothers day!

and after I'd been showered with delightful and wonderful cards and crafts from the herd.

(sure I'd heard the loud whisper to dad to get up and help them make breakfast , i was kind of awake, my mom clock wakes me up at 7:28 every day, even when i'd gone to bed way later than was responsible or normal)

THEN while they were cooking pink pancakes and toast and pouring the carbonated nectar into a giant pink cup, there {was} might have been YELLING , subsequent grounding (by dad) for bickering amongst themselves over computer usage.

still, i sneakily got up and put on a bra and dress, and climbed back into bed .

(because i wasn't going to be caught like last year, bra-less and in my magical Pj's.)

i wanted Pics this year, and well even though the are surely HIDEOUS, maybe next year or Ten years down the road i'll look past myself and at how sweet and young and delicious my kiddies are. so while i won't be posting them for your viewing pleasure, i took some.

ONTO the guilt inducing cards. and the ones that made me smile.

youngest to oldest...

Pierce Photobucket(age 3) hooked me up with this , except he thinks it's his, and i can't have it. he's 3. that's how he rolls.

Hope- is freaking Rad. Photobucket
she made this homemade paper card, with the awesome tissue flowers on it

and inside it read...

Oh so
Top dog

by Hope

(I totally had to giggle at her use of RAD, I'm doubting many other kindergartners in her class used that word, we all know where she learned that one. {GRIN} )

and her book she gave with it is flippin' awesome, i had to scan it so you could

see the wonder.

this first one was a little heart wrenching for me.... My mom always says...NO. (my heart broke a little i do say no alot. sigh, i'll have to work on that. )
and i was a little embarrassed that i cook something so nutritious and delicious.- French Fries
we do enjoy dance parties in the kitchen...
and I do wear a lot of dresses. just because.

and no matter what she knows i love her. (even when i say no)


Then JoyPhotobucket....

gave me a glorious beaded bracelet, (i'm getting quite the collection- one every year from my 2nd grader)

with the survey deal-

My Mom is special!

My mom is special because she is nise, fun,funny,pritty, and cool.

I like it when my mom helps me.

My mom can do many things! I think she's best at ...HAVING KIDS. (which was hilarious to me)

My mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by doing chors (chores)

My Mom is as pretty as a Shugere plum Fary (a Sugar Plum Fairy-Wow that's high praise)

My mom is smart! she even knows how to be a nires (nurse, i had to explain someday i will be in like, years. until then, i'm just a mama nurse kissing hurts and doling out band aids and hugs)

signed Joy 5/9/10


Paxton- Photobucket

gave me a white flower pen he made in his 3rd grade class

and this card

and picture. (my kids are recently into saying computer lingo) it's a bunny, i thought wondered if the tail wasn't a fart cloud but it wasn't just a regular bunny tail.

there were coupons for things like...

this coupon entitles you to -have me not bug you. (heart wrenching, although he uses this tactic to get what he wants often"i will stop buggin you if you...")

this coupon entitles you to- have me feed Pierce. (again, stellar parent,)

this coupon entitles you to-have me make you breakfast.

this coupon entitles you to-have me do chores.

this coupon entitles you to- have me clean the yard.

his penmanship was perfection. seriously he must have really taken his time on it. so awesome!


Liberty's class didn't do anything for mother's day, i guess 4th grade on up doesn't bother doing mothers day stuff. whatever.

Photobucketshe made the pink pancakes , they were GIANT hearts, and she wrote me this note....


Peyton-Photobucket presented me with the LARGE pink cup of carbonated delight. he knows what his mama likes.

he also, scrounged up the gift bag for the gift i'd purchased for the hubs and kids to give me.

it was this chain, and these glass charm pendants. (the crystal heart was stolen from one of the girls necklaces)


after the cards, and breakfast and hugs and love and bickering and whatnot, well it was a semi glorious day.

my expectations were low this year.

for our mothers day eve date we hit Pei wei. the hubs was astounded i didn't really care where we went , or what we did. because well, we go out on a regular basis now, and so it's less of an issue than when we never went out.

my mom came for roast and mashed potatoes for lunch and we hit my mother in laws for dinner.

we missed snack night at my brothers because of that dang suns game but they won, and well i had a final to study for.

you know how that worked out so , it was worth it.

great mothers day 2010!~

i super love my kids. I'll try to say yes more and ask less of them. we'll see what the cards say next year.

love that they use my vocabulary. the cool words like RAD, ROCKS, AWESOME etc.

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Vidal's Nest said...

Yeah! Glad it was fabulous! I had pretty low expectations too and I actually told my hubs this so he made a big effort this year to make it nice. And it was!
Love the necklace and charms you got!

Lori Belle said...

LOVE IT!! I too love, love Mother's Day! It's always fun to have your babies spoil you! THANKS for sharing GF!!

Amy said...

Sounds like a great Mothers day!

Mine was less than stellar, despite my low expectations. Needless to say, my kids rocked mothers day and my husband ruined it :)

And I have to say, Pink pancakes?! Your kids are awesome!

tammy said...

I love it all.

CassiB said...

love it! sounds like your mother's day rocked =)

Mamarazzi said...

all sounds so super awesome!!!

Laura said...

Your kids were adorable! I loved reading what they wrote. Happy Mother's Day!

jayna said...

love the post!! sounds like it was a great day!!

Daisygirl said...

How fabulous! I love all the cards and I so love how your kids call you rad...that is so freakin awesome...I also laughed at the LOL..haha!

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