Tuesday, May 18, 2010

She's So Vain.

there are certain things i don't think I'll ever get used to... and i might be coming off as SO VAIN saying it.


the stares. as we parade as a family into a function, place, gathering, school event, store. etc.

seriously? 6. it's just 6. sure sometimes they are raggedy. and sometimes they aren't. i just don't get the staring. counting. etc.

having someone check me out when I'm not putting out a "check me out vibe".

like picking up a case of Dr.Pepper and putting it in my cart and catching someone staring and they awkwardly say ," Hi, um, hello" accompanied by big flirty grin and double take.

really guy? this is walmart.

same thing when I'm getting a beverage at Circle K or QT. really? I'm getting a beverage here, why are you checking me out or making small talk with me in a semi-lecherous manner?

i just don't get it. probably never will.

apparently those guys doing double takes subscribe to my brand of hotness...

Thanks for the video Mamarazzi!

in other news. i colored my hair a while ago (a week plus). it's black black. kinda blue black. apparently it's noticeably different since friends have noticed. even guys. guys don't normally notice, right? i felt no shame in admitting it was covering my sparkly silver hair.

and the countdown continues...

6 days.

end of year concerts are over.

end of year party notes are coming home.

buying 5 yearbooks tomorrow.

my 33rd birthday is less than a week away.

yeah. 33.

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Mamarazzi said...

super RAD!! and yes this video totally fits the post! i super love the song and super love the hotness in the video.

like i said, i may not be perfect but parts of me are FABULOUS!

Carie said...

Yeah well try having an almost 13 yr old with autism, that sure brings on the stares and comments and makes me want to poke their eyes out or mine not sure which I desire more. For someone who hates attention, my child sure brings a lot of it it upon me!

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