Sunday, July 11, 2010

recently realized rules to live by

1. never point out your fabulous eye make-up and false lashes (even IF the glue is bothering you) if you are in MAJOR NEED of good eyebrow wax.

2. it doesn't matter HOW HOT(sweaty) YOU ARE, going sleeveless is never a good idea for some people. this includes wearing swimsuits in public.

3. avoid people with cameras at all costs. they will post unflattering pics of you on FB and refuse to delete them.

4. sometimes your idea of unflattering and other peoples isn't the same, but if you are the one taking the picture you have the ultimate power.

5. watch where you walk , never step on anything unless you are prepared to slip and fall. especially clear plastic.

6. if you are tired and insist on drinking an energy drink and then take a nap, it shouldn't shock you that you get the shakes when you wake up.

7. feel free to brag that your 3 year old puts a new roll on the toilet paper holder when he uses that last of the roll. but realize it may just be a fluke or you might just jinx it and he'll become like one of the others and never do it again.

8. don't put off birthday shopping for your birthday child. it always sneaks up faster than you expect it to.

9. don't be surprised that your 6 year old gives a better manicure than your 8 year old does. the 6 year old might use her shirt to wipe off excess polish, but the 8 year old will paint it on extra thick and all the way down to your first knuckle. AWESOME.

10. be prepared to find navy blue roots where your gray hair used to be if you opt for the blue black hair color.

ahem. no i didn't learn these rules the hard way. nope. not at all.

;) (WINK)

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CassiB said...

i did the same thing the other day with a rockstar, fell asleep w/i a half an hour and woke up with the shakes.

Janna said...

love your #3. We just had a family reunion and I am dreading the ugly pictures of me to be posted!

onehm said...

NO WAY! ALL of them the hard way??
OOOH, I am feelin' it for you, lady!

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