Thursday, July 15, 2010

just take it one day at a time and forget the rest. 28 days the countdown begins

in 28 days....

-i will get to blog again on a daily basis.

-i will get to sit and facebook in near silence while my herd is at school.

-i will get to go on lunch dates with friends and virtually no kids in tow.

-i will get to miss my children while they are gone learning , eventually coming home excited to tell me the delights of the day.

until then we'll continue to sleep in. go swimming and no doubt, bicker/fight.

all. day. long.

until then i will have 28 days of mini anxiety attacks about...

- what classes my kids are assigned to. hoping for teachers that will encourage and bring out the best in my little students. (yes, i'm a worrier about these things)

~school clothes shopping with no school clothes budget.

~ myself starting school again so soon after the kids go back. (the knowledge of what's to come has put a large damper on my back to school delight). sigh.

i filled out my financial aid stuff finally and i'm all registered. year two. this year i know what to expect, i admit it's a whole new kind of dread. i like school but the fast pace added to my real life and the thought of Christmas has me freaked. yeah. already i'm stressed about finals? i need to just take it one day at a time and forget the rest.


when do your kids go back?

what do you worry about?

are you equally anxiety riddled?

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tammy said...

Connor goes back in 13 days, Taylor in 20.

I worry that they'll get good teachers, too. And I want them to have good friends in their classes. I hate it when they're in a class full of troublemakers and kids that ruin it for others, you know?

I'm not stressing about school clothes. I got Connor a couple of t-shirts on sale, and really he still has enough shorts in good condition. And Taylor, his school wears a uniform, and at the end of last school year I got 5 shirts for $50 so he should be good to go. I'm kind of over the whole buying them a complete wardrobe right before school starts. I tend to buy things as I find them on sale, so they get new clothes here and there throughout the year. Plus they're boys. They don't care as much.

I can't believe it's here already though. Seems like they just got out.

CassiB said...

28 days!! well 27 now i guess.
i hear you on the no school clothes budget. blah. we have no room in the budget at all, we've gone back to wondering if we will get a check each week like last summer (only worse) and daycare has been sucked into a black hole, no one has been needing me with vacations and older kids home from school. blah. not in a good mood about school.
you will love going back to school when you start. you'll dread it at first, then get into the swing of it.
i can't wait for Barro's lunch dates myself =)

jayna said...

i have anxiety about lots of other stuff. and i worry. about things i can control and about things i can't. i suppose that never goes away?

as for school, i may be joining you in the winter... i'm hoping to take human anatomy and human physiology. crazy. but i always loved school.

28 days... you can do it!!

Amy said...

School starts Aug. 11th around here. My oldest is starting 5th grade,my youngest is starting Kindergarten. I'm stressing over teachers because I know that one of the kindergarten teachers sucks a**. I'm going to be that mom that requests for my son to not have a teacher because of her reputation. But I also don't want a teacher to kill my son's love of life. YIKES! Deep, crazy thoughts...

Jen said...

So excited for school!! Our kids didn't get teacher assignments yet either.

Ruthie Girl said...

My panic attacks are started to debilitate me.

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