Thursday, July 15, 2010

those aren't pants and what's hot about that?


so. Hope turned 6 on Monday. she had a delightful day full of shopping, swimming, eating out , sleeping over and gifts. (i didn't have my camera with me all day. yes i suck as a blogger this week)

she got the game Just Dance for wii.

which is seriously delightful and my kids think it's AWESOME!

if you have wii, you should get it. it's a good time.


today they were playing. i was watching them when they played this song.

Joy called the afro wearing girl a "FUNKY DIVA" and the discussion went like this...

Joy- Why is she wearing a swimsuit?

i said- she's not, those are hot pants.

Joy- those aren't pants and what's hot about that?

i had to giggle. she kills me.

i have to say, HOPE IS DARLING when she does this one...

and she has a new love and appreciation for the Spice girls


Cyndi Lauper.

Hope's little friend stopped by and her mom and I had a good time sneakily watching them play together.

I love seeing 4 kids lined up playing together. Pierce can even do it.

i'll take video and post it soon. FREAKING CUTE!

Just Dance 2 is coming out in October. yay! looks like SO MUCH FUN!

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tammy said...

I kind of want to get this just for me now.

Jen said...

Seriously LOVE that Joy!

kathy said...

Well, it's all fun and games 'till someone has to spank it....

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