Friday, July 23, 2010

random delights of a Friday

ya know. sometimes i have randoms to share. and sometimes i keep secrets.

if i have a secret i'm keeping i have difficulty coming up with anything to blog about. it happens. i keep secrets on occasion.

what? you thought i told you everything? alright so i mostly do, just because if i'm keeping something on the down low it hinders my thought process which hinders my blogging mojo.

onto the randoms.

Pierce loves to kiss my nose. over and over. all day. he loves me the best.

tonight PIERCE wanted to chat on the phone with me. we chatted and then he asked to speak with Liberty (who'd gone shopping with me). they chatted a few minutes and then he committed her to giving him orange juice for his birthday. yup orange juice for his 4th birthday. awesome.

I've missed almost all the movies this year for movie fun. it seems 9:45 comes way too early for me.

I taught liberty how to shave her legs the other night. she's 10. I started shaving when I had just finished 4th grade. she thought she needed to start now too. so I finally gave in. she did great. while i was helping her i realized YEAH she needed to shave.

when did you learn to shave your legs?

did anyone teach ya or did you just find the stuff and go to town?

are you a good secret keeper?

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Anonymous said...

I’ve never learned to shave my legs. But I learned to shave my face about age 6. And my chest about age 20; but that was only the one time.

Megan said...

Actually, I haven't try to shave my legs and face, but I already know someone doing that in my family. My mom lol.

Rebecca Irvine said...

I did not start shaving my legs until I was like 13. No one ever taught me. Even now I think it is a chore to do... too bad we have to do it for so much of our lives. So I guess maybe starting a few years later wasn't such a bad thing.


Wondered where you have been? Could you please talk my kids into staying home?
14, was I a late bloomer?

Jen said...

LOL at least I am in good company missing movies! I contemplated last night if I really was going to get up today and go, but the boys have forgotten about it so no need to bring it up now. I didn't start shaving until 12...I think. All I remember is how different the bedsheets felt on my legs.

Daisygirl said...

Im thinking of shaving my 6 year olds legs! I think I was in the 6th grade!

Its been forever since I've been over to your blog...Ive been busy and on vacay!

Pamela said...

I don't shave my legs since I'm not that hairy legs. I think that is painful to do..well, I don't think so, I don't have idea. :)

fawndear said...

Ahhhhh, my girl is 11 and getting ready to go to middle school. She needs to start but I keep putting it off, you know, trying to keep her from growing up. Dang, I've got to shop for training bra's now too. I don't think I'm ready for this even though she is.


hmm secret huh.. are you preggers? only ask since you are talking cravings and well, i don't know... JUST AN EDUCATED RETIRED COP GUESS!

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