Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday! back to school prep list

10. make these hair flowers...DARLING! i'm thinking they'd be darling embellishing cheap tank tops for the girls back to school wardrobes? also on backpack embellishments and of course clipped on a cute girly ponytail. and maybe a few for me.

9. i need to do- the amazing drab to fab backpack redo. i bought Hope a cheapy $5 small (fits a folder) backpack at my fave 24 hour store to embellish. and since i refuse to waste money on new backpacks when the bags from last year still look awesome, i promised to glam up the other girls bags.

8. to clean and organize the dressing room.

7. a million loads of laundry to do .

6. more swimming while we can if i can muster the energy to leave the house in this heat.

5. a billion Dentist appointments. some weeks i go daily. and others it's every other day.but it will all be finished before school starts. yay.

4. buy some school supplies for me and the herd. (yes i'm still anxiety riddled about my new semester.)

3. haircuts for EVERYONE. well all the kids anyway. gotta start the year looking fresh.

2. get back to normal bedtimes and wake up times. i don't think it will fly if i sleep in 'til 11 am during the school year.

1. last but not least, my ultimate fave...back to school shopping! a little something for everyone and more for those that have grown 2 sizes since school got out. (ahem PEYTON) he can't just wear a swimsuit everyday like he does during the summer. Liberty will get more than the others too because she doesn't have hand me downs. and Pierce yeah because he's grown and he can't continue to run around in his skivvies all day for school.

so that's my list.

what's on yours?

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Jenn Toon said...

My list is all the above too. Seems never ending at times, doesn't it? We have an appt with shots and another to get braces on. I have 2 in jr. high this year (YIKES!) so there is some "ego" shopping to be had and since I'm all about being fair - looks like everyone gets to shop! Woo Hoo for Mom!

Jodi Horne said...

Mine is very similar! I've actually been clothes shopping all year--so neither of my kids really need anything (yet) Thomas grows so fast it's crazy! Gina seems to be hovering in the size 10 area right now--which I'm glad of because She has a TON of clothes! Thomas is a chunky monkey so it's hard to find him stuff that fits that isn't too long! I've been making hairflowers like CRAZY!! I have literally 100 of them --I've given TONS away! I attach them to gift bags...They are just so addicting! Hobby Lobby is a good place to find unusual flowers in popular colors though I've been know to hit up the $1 store--their flowers are thin, but if you combine two to three they look very full and expensive! I use those beauty store hair clips wrapped in ribbon--and for a brad I hit up the scrapbooking section for the giant jeweled ones--or I even have some pearly ones! We should have a craft day! I miss your "rad" comments! :) (and I have a pool!...just sayin') LOL

Jodi Horne said...

Also Walmart is super cheap on supplies right now! And the good crayola stuff too! and I think staples has a few good deals on reams of copy paper (which our school requests) What kinda stuff do your kids need? I've bargain shopped all the stores--I can give you shortcuts!

jayna said...

back to school prep goes something like this for me: (since i don't have school and i don't have anyone to prepare for school). perhaps it is just my to list for next month...
10. select furniture profiles for current work project.
9. study for my huge 2 day exam in October
8. take grandma to dinner
7. try and meet more men by keeping up social appearances.
6. squeeze in some time by the pool so that i can have somewhat of a tan before i go to jackson hole in august.
5. count down the days until the salmon bake
4. round up treats for a large family party. (this often does not happen as my family is typically spread out)
3. take my 15 and 16 year old nieces to a play for their birthdays
2. try and figure out why the summer has flown by so fast.
1. practice my violin so i can impress grandpa when i fiddle for him next. which will be on friday.

here's to the wind down of summer... and where i am? i wish it would last longer. it actually cools down to 72 at night here. i love that...


Lori Thompson said...

oh man...my list looks just likes your missy! I LOVE the backpack's. They're fab!!

Carry said...

Nice List! This list will definitely save your a lot of time. I will use this formula next month.

Amy said...

Sounds like my list, minus the back to school shopping. I stayed home and did it online when Macy's was having an amazing sale. Both boys just need socks,underwear and school supplies. Since they haven't released a list of supplies to the parents, I'm waiting to do the last 3 things together.

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