Wednesday, July 28, 2010

School shopping with Chatty Cathy

I went school shopping alone with Chatty Cathy.

You know, that's what i call JOY.

She loves a captive audience and keeps a running commentary going the whole time we are together.

If music is on she talks over it. I finally told her she had to pick. music or talking but not both. since by that point i was going freaking crazy.

She picked music and kept insisting the radio station MUST be on my blog piping in my rad playlist for everyone to enjoy. since so many songs matched the ones on my playlist.

She's hilarious and sings along. Which cracks me up since sometimes it's to some semi inappropriate lyrics.

what can i say? it's not all Lauri Berkner and The Wiggles in my car. She has great taste in music.

Joy has infinite theories about bad business plans, and effective marketing tools, which she shares freely the whole time.

Sometimes she likes to whip out phrases, like , "that's soooo last year!".

We bought a bunch of stuff for her and brought it home to try on, turns out she's grown alot this summer, like 2 sizes.

Most of her stuff was either unflattering or didn't fit. So now we have to go back. AWESOME.

You know I can't wait for another outing with Chatty Cathy.

oh and I really can't wait to take EVERYONE at the same time to get new school shoes.

One hellish trip is better than a bunch of separate ones, right? I hope.

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Mamarazzi said...

sounds like a fab time. i can't believe she has grown 2 sizes over summer..bananas!

back to school shopping was sponsored by J's grandma this year. her taste is crazy expensive and we said "NO!" so grandma came in and saved the day.


it's not exactly teaching her anything and just putting off the inevitable, since grandma can't afford it forever.

Janeen said...

I really like one-on-one school shopping. I do not like taking them all at the same time though! We spread it out all through the summer. Joy is sure cute!!!

jayna said...

she sounds fun! i love seeing their personalities develop as they get older!! good luck with the shoe shopping...

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