Friday, August 27, 2010

Blue candy coating and other daily adventures with Pierce

This evening late, after the others had gone to bed, Pierce shoved an M&M up each nostril.

Luckily they melted and he blew them out . I was not up to a trip to the ER or Dr. to have them taken out.

They were blue in case you needed the mental image of melty blue candy coating running out each nostril.


Pierce is on a Toy Story kick. marathons all day everyday. he quotes it now. and can pause the DVD player. and change the movies. his skills impress me.

I love revisiting this little kid love of a great movie. Peyton and Liberty loved it the first time around. we had 2 of each toy. (to eliminate fighting.)


Pierce still calls Woody- Pudding. the other kids have decided they should then call pudding- Woody. they are so clever. except it takes me a minute to figure out what the heck they are doing and then I remember.


Pierce likes to take care of me. last night he brought me a Popsicle in bed. later he brought me another one at the computer, opened it for me and left it there by my elbow for my consumption.

I'm pretty sure he's so generous with the Popsicle delivery service because he knows if he gets me one, he can have one too. Interestingly he always keeps the orange ones for himself.


Then, tonight before the M&M extravaganza he handed me 1 lonely m&m and told me to take my "pill". I didn't think it would help the nausea, but I couldn't refuse his gesture of care for me. so I ate it, then I facebooked it.


I statused this the other day-

My sidekick laid down next to me sharing my pillow. He leaned over and said,"I wanna lay down by you." To which

I replied," you already are." so he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek (melts heart) and went back to quoting Toy Story along with the movie. He's not always a devil. ;-)

and on the pregnancy front-

I Finally realized, I have to eat every couple hours or I feel grody. I often forget to eat and it always sneaks up on me (like when i'm sleeping) and then it's too late. sigh.

(must repeat mantra 3 times fast- I wanted this)

now that i'm aware of it again i'll try to keep it under control.

I explained it to the hubs just now and he gave me that "duh" look again. it seems he hasn't forgotten the tricks to pregnancy like I have.

so for the next while, when I'm eating my last mini meal of the day, I'll post.

* the picture is one of last weeks school days. Note to self: the mid half cab vans are sorta hard to put on in a speedy fashion. sigh.

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Mamarazzi said...

that kid is soooo adorable! i love reading about the shenanigans he comes up with!

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