Sunday, August 29, 2010

He saw the light

Today I woke up to breaking glass.

Someone was sneaking m&m's out of my tall super fabulous apothecary jar.

I didn't beat them.

I barely yelled.

I really wasn't happy about having to get out of bed to sweep.

I hate sweeping.

Sweeping is my least favorite job , after dishes.

Quickly the broken jar lid turned into a whole room sweeping extravaganza and desk organizing project.

(does anyone else have a crazy jumble of power cords that irritates them to no end?)

When someone thought they were done helping and resisted fetching the vacuum that was buried in the girls room, all I had to say was..."how often do I wanna clean?"

He saw the light

and ran speedy fast on my errand, knowing the mood is rare and follow through is virtually extinct here.

Then, when I yelled again about getting up early to clean up somebody else's mess, the least they could do is take out the trash...

they reminded me.

"It's noon. Noon isn't early."

Oh um, well, hmmmm. yeah. Ok , noon isn't early. but I have a headache and I didn't break anything.

At least that room is clean and the power cord jumble is tamed for now, I just might be less embarrassed when the maids show up this week.


Note to self:

put some clothes on before you start your project or all the drop offs and impromptu visits will hinder your cleaning mojo as you run away from the sight of the front door, because you aren't wearing anything more than flip flops and your magic panties . sure there are plenty of clothes to throw on in the laundry room but going bra-less is not an option.

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