Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I didn't think I'd get perfection, but dang it, I want a do-over!

Perfect is not even part of my vocabulary. but seriously. today was NOT RAD and i want a freaking DO OVER!

why wasn't it rad? you really wanna know?

I stayed up too late. certain kids did too.

Paxton had a breakdown and stayed home. wanting to HOMESCHOOL? yeah right!

fighting in front of the kids is always awesome.

my back to school pictures suck.

my camera card was full. and time was short. sigh.

some people were cranky.

the kids were late.

joy is allergic to the bushes. and does this in every year.

I'm so awesome i cropped this kids backward underwear outta the shot. but yeah backwards underwear and a t-shirt to drop off.

squinty, squinty, eyes closed, squinty, underwear bandit, and pouty.

this was better before i effed it up with the glitter. sigh. then it was too late.
a pile to buy and sort and pack up and send. every year.
when we met teachers it was a million degrees outside but we still got a picture of everyone (except pierce who was off rolling in the grass.)

see now you know why, I want a do over.

and my allergies SUCK. and i think I've got yet another sinus infection.

yeah. this is the worst first day of school EVER!

hope everyone else's rocks though.

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Ruthie Girl said...

I feel that way about my pictures, too. Enjoy the quiet time.

P.S. Congrates about the prego! Good thing you saved the email and blogspot!

Amy said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who had a crappy start.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow...

Jen said...

Ugh, sorry about Pax! At least you got rid of 4 of them though right?! Hope tomorrow is a better day!

Mamarazzi said...

this is the first year in a loooong time that we will not be able to see J off on her first day of school. i am WAY super sad about it. i may have Paul insist on meeting her before school to take pics of her, but i know her outfit will be lame and her hair will be worse than lame...since the baby mama doesn't care if the kid looks homeless.


so yeah, not rad...i get that.

jayna said...

well, i'm sorry. i really don't like having a bad day. but perhaps today is better?

hope so...

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