Thursday, August 12, 2010

They missed me.

I think they missed me.

wanna know how I know?

when I finally got to lay down for a nap,

after school,

after taking 2 boys to the dr for meds.

after the long drive home and drop off at the pharmacy and drive thru for my liquid sanity.

after my after school rundown of questions with everyone wondering how the day went, what they ate for lunch, who did they play with?

when I FINALLY laid down, 3 little kids lingered. RIGHT NEXT TO ME. ALL AFTERNOON!

fighting. jumping on me. yelling. squabbling, bickering, etc. RIGHT NEXT TO ME.

It was absolutely the WORST NAP EVER!


otherwise they would have taken that good time out back to the trampoline at least once out of the 20 times I asked them to go, because of that, I know they missed me .

the talking. THE TALKING! they went on and on.

Liberty and I had to discuss boys. and boy flirting. her nemesis came up to her and was rude. called her stupid and stared at her during recess. pretty sure he's a d-bag boy with a crush and no way to express it.

so i told her about the guy that was mean to me everyday of JR. YEAR. in HIGH SCHOOL. yeah. turns out he had a mad crush on me. it never mattered that he asked me out, what mattered and said more to me was he was MEAN, so i didn't like him and was mean back. He still crushed on me. boys are dumb. Of course i never figured out he really really liked me until the hubs dumbed it down for me and explained boy flirting. AND it was confirmed last year when i caught up with that boy on FB.

back to Liberty. we talked about boy flirting. we talked about her outfit. we talked about her friends and the boy she has a crush on. she just wanted to sit and talk. instead of play her new game. I'm pretty sure she missed me.

OH and another reason i know i was missed, i got to sit in between my 2 big boys at the Dr's office, they saved me the seat in between them so both could sit next to me. and the oldest one sat close, rested his head on my arm and read over my shoulder. he wasn't tired. (because I asked) I'm pretty sure he just wanted to be close but he's in that awkward tween stage where you don't sit on mom's lap or hold hands or hug in public anymore.

I know I was missed because he wanted just enough contact to reconnect but not be obvious about it. Tween awkwardness be damned, he gave me a big hug and kiss last night before he went to bed.He loves his mama.

and last night, after everyone else had been sent to bed. Pierce had to lay across my computer desk while I held him like a baby. He wouldn't let me call him my baby("I'm a big kid"), but he wouldn't get up either. He's probably gonna miss me today when he goes to preschool.

while I love love love the free time and quiet I get when they are gone, I'm pretty glad they miss me.

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Jen said...

So cute! Love when they miss mama. Shows you are doing something right! Have a good day today!

CassiB said...

Love this post! it's all about what i love about being mama. they do need us. and not just to clean up, tie shoes, make meals. they need us and love us. and when they are gone they miss us! sometimes (most times) that is hard to remember.

Ruthie Girl said...

this is beautiful.

feels kinda good

Wendy Phelps said...

Awwww. I loved this post. It sure is nice to feel important, even when it is annoying. Moms are special.

Mamarazzi said...

really sweet...all of it, even the bickering and craptastic nap.

blah, blah by lindsey said...

seriously feels so good to be missed.

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