Sunday, August 1, 2010

It all adds up

all summer long i kept counting the kids and thinking , someone is missing.

where is that other one? and i'd count again and they were all there. just 6.

i chalked it up to how easy they were getting to take places, no baby to carry. everyone walking, nicely on their own. Pierce was potty trained, no diapers.

and now. I get to start over.

one last baby to savor. #7

yeah. so. rad secret huh?

people had begun to suspect on FB from my chronic cravings and almost peeing my pants semi regularly.

I was waiting until I'd been to the Dr. and it was confirmed official , even though it was killing me, I soooo can't keep a secret.

then once it was confirmed, I was not quite ready to announce it , but I went Friday and saw the heartbeat so I guess that's official enough.

that and I FB statused that I was rocking a prego belly at the Neon Trees concert tonight. yeah I guess I got slightly more prego looking as the night wore on. stellar.

someone wanted more details so here you go. MORE. lots more.

I've been exhausted. the hubs came back from New Zealand and KNEW I was prego days before I even suspected.

somehow he sees the signs well before I put it all together. and then he waits until I clue in. smirking to himself that I have no clue.


-napping every afternoon.

-almost peeing my pants multiple times a day.

-random cravings like filibertos nightly and ice cream even though i'm normally lactose intolerant.

-sudden/chronic yeast infections.

-breaking out with acne.

-random unexplained nausea. that I blame on the flu but it just comes and goes.

yeah. these things each alone don't indicate anything. but all together the hubs sees a pattern that we've gone through before. and it all adds up.

eventually I notice my period is late, and I think i'll trigger it by taking a pregnancy test. of course it happens on a month I think there is absolutely NO WAY I could be pregnant.

HA, it was positive.


so I went in. had my first pap smear in 4 years. and found out I'm due middle of March. and I'll be rocking the scheduled C-section this time. SWEET!

so now I'm not taking classes spring semester (thinking ahead for my recovery time from the c-section, sigh) and worried now I'll puke from the grody factor in lab this semester in anatomy and physiology. Which should be stellar.

The kids are super stoked. they were holding out hope for boy/girl twins but it's just one. so this one is the tie breaker.

now that I'm in the midst of this I have to remind myself, I WANTED THIS.

I wanted this? yeah, I did for a long while. For years I'd begged, cried and bargained, but finally I'd resigned myself to never having anymore babies and whalah, SURPRISE.

so now every time I wanna whine about being puketastic or tired, I tell myself ,


it will have to be my mantra.

and no matter what I've said before about having more,

I'm pretty sure this is it. 7 .

just 7.

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Melissa said...

How exciting!! I"m really happy for you. I know the feeling of thinking one is missing. I've been having that for a year. I took it as a sign I needed to get pregnant, but haven't been able to. I just found out my thyroid is out of whack, so hopefully I can get it straightened out soon and have a baby soon. March is a perfect time- before it gets hot! I hope you don't get sick this time.

Jen said...

LOL 'just 7'?! At least you can savor this one! I am excited for you and excited to have a pg partner! LOL What were we thinking just shipping the last kid off to school and then we go and have more babies! Hope you are feeling okay!


YEAH!!!! I am so excited for you, Congratulations!!

Frolicking Night Owl said...


Lori Thompson said...

such wonderful news! Congrats Crazymamaof7!!!!!

Rebecca Irvine said...

Congratulations!! So excited for your family!

Daisygirl said...

lucky number 7! How exciting!

Daisygirl said...

oh and I just have to add I think your totally crazy!

Laura said...

Congrats and thanks for all the details! Having a baby now with all the helpers sould be a totally different experience. Enjoy and its okay to not want the pukey exhausted part, right! Skip right to the fun.

Nancy Pitney said...


Nancy Pitney said...
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andrea said...

Congrats! I just now realized that I haven't been seeing your posts on FB....what, did you unfriend me or something?!

Really, that is fun. Babies are awesome! Exhausting, but awesome. When do you find out what team gets another member?

The Montgomerys said...

It's about time that you announced it!

CassiB said...

Woohoo! so excited for you. now if i could just get a sip of that water you and Jen drank! lol.
yay for scheduled c-section, it really makes a difference when you have a date set and that takes care of alot of little worries.
hope you get past the puketastic part soon.

Carie said...

So Crazymama of 7 it will have to be now! I have to say I do not envy you for one damn minute! i hate being pregnant with a passion!!!
I do however like the end result!
So let me know if Costa is a turnoff right now or not, would hate to have you hurl on our smoking hot lunch date we are planning!

jayna said...

oh my word!!!!! congratulations!!! oh, that was a fun post to read. and i'm so behind... i can't believe i didn't get this until this morning!! 7. wow. you are a rock star.


smithfam said...

Haha! Never say never! I have cute number 6 AND 7 saying "I am done". I am for sure done now, but people dont believe me. whatevs!
Congrats! Finally someone in my club.:)

Tracy said...

WOW Congrats CRAZY MOMMA!! We are happy for you and your family!!

Mamarazzi said...

i am super happy for you and super jealous, but more happy than jealous.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! That's super exciting!!! So happy for you guys!

Piper said...

Holy crud@@!!! I haven't tuned in for a while, I guess this is what i get!!

Congrats!! Now what will you call yourself??

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