Friday, August 13, 2010

overheard around the 'hood and other random delights


Yesterday Hope and Joy were talking about how when they are mom's they are gonna nap all day too. AWESOME! that's what they think mom's do. it's what I do when I'm pregnant. they've taken notice.


I heard Joy telling all of the other kids in the back of the car that it doesn't matter how many babies I have, they will all be my babies forever. I'm glad they know it and like that, but it was funny she was lecturing the others on that fact. have I mentioned they are super excited about the new baby, they also think we need to have another one after this.

random delight?

while school shopping with the kids i had to go pee way too often. it made the whole trip considerably longer than necessary.

I went...

-before I left the house.

- I had to stop half way there. I was going in at Qt. to go and of course, not 1 , not 2 , but 3 kids joined me. and then Pierce and Hope pumped the gas (see picture)

-as soon as we got to the store.

-before we left after paying.

-as soon as I walked in the door at home.


I told the kids to meet at the flag pole after school to walk home together. I think I've been saying this for years. Turns out, the flag pole is in the middle of campus and I really meant for them to meet out front by the light pole and big trees. apparently the hubs had been wondering if I actually met them at the flag pole for years. and no, I don't. I sit out front by the trees. no wonder they were all confused. rad.

*This also explains why Hope was wandering around by the flag pole and library instead of out front on the first day. AWESOME. it's all cleared up now though. ;)


multiple old men (think gray haired grandpa age OLD men) checked me out today.

I was wearing a short hot pink, white and black dress. hot pink flower in my hair . black and white polk-a-dot earrings. and flip flops.

nothing fancy in my opinion, I was dressed for comfort. but I'm pretty sure the older crowd appreciated the dressier look, since they come from an era where women wore dresses and did themselves up.

One kept checking out my legs. apparently he doesn't see alot of knees at the old folks home?Super glad I wasn't wearing my pin up heels too. he might have been visibly excited (if he was even capable at his age) and not just stared.

note to self:

avoid taking the prenatal gummies. they make you sick and give you crazy dreams. Just don't do it, even if they taste pretty good, cherry and lemon flavor. good stuff.


it seems to me people are delighting in the fact that now that i finally have a bit of freedom it's totally ironic that I get to start over in March. ironic yes. disappointing to me? NOPE. i wanted this. everything except the pukey feeling and the bladder issues. yeah i might have wanted it a couple years ago but sometimes there is a different timeline other than mine. so yeah. until march, i will savor my freedom.

what am i gonna do with all that free time?

nap. shop. eat out with friends at places that don't include a play land. clean and let it be clean for an hour or two before the herd gets home and messes it up.

those are my plans. can't wait. feel free to be jealous. and when i start over in march, i won't be sad, toting one tiny baby everywhere is NOTHING. if i can drag 6 kids into the mall and get shoes for everyone all by myself, i can totally take one baby to lunch or grocery shopping. I'm a freaking PRO at this mama stuff. and babies enjoy nap time almost as much as i do. AWESOME!

Alrighty , now that I've shared my bladder control issues and talked about Old men creeping me out with lecherous stares, prenatals , I better hit the hay.

have a fabulous Friday.

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Mamarazzi said...

trust me i am not sad for you. having a kid or 2 or even 6 in tow would be RAD!

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