Wednesday, August 25, 2010

rad/not rad plus a couple what if's?

Rad? i voted.

Not rad- I didn't feel awesome and had to shower first to get ready and go.

Rad- there was no line to vote.

Rad- the old ladies at the polling place loved my outfit, my hair, my sunglasses and my purse. they thought i could be in Vogue. talk about flattered. so glad i showered before i went.

Rad- i provided dinner for the fam. i say provided because it was all just heat and serve stuff but still i was the one heating and serving. delicious. and easy. gold star for me.

Rad- my friends love me.

Rad-one friend made my day by delivering a cold frosty beverage to my door.

Rad- another old old friend brought me 20 delicious homemade cinnamon rolls. talk about feeling the love. HELLO! dang they were DELIGHTFUL! (the 2 i already ate were anyway)

Rad? zits. i like to pick.

not rad- bac-ne! (that's back acne.) worst part is i can't pick it myself.

not rad- 9 months of acne. do you know i never had zits in high school? seriously so lucky and never had those annoying teen break outs. no sad cystic acne. nothing. but when I've got " a bun in the oven" i have an abundance of acne. break outs. etc. it's like i finally hit puberty at 33. rad.

what peed your pants at the store, what would you do?

the "what if" is purely hypothetical. i didn't pee my pants at the store....this time.

Rad- i wonder if i can find the posts that tell the story of when i did (pee my pants)? During the last pregnancy, they are delightful let me tell ya. i'll hunt and re-post if i find 'em.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry I have to diagree. I rember you in High School having 1 HUGE ZIT! It was not RAD.

Jen said...

I am commiserating with you on the acne/backne, I am so ready for it to be over!! And Jeff is not a picker like me, grrr.

Umm cinnamon rolls, YUM! And rad for you for voting, I am glad I did the early ballot and remembered to get it in so I didn't have to worry about going out yesterday.

Serendipity said...

Well, I have in face peed my pants while pregnant. It's a sad sad thing. You just make haste and get the hell out of where-ever you are. Cry silently on the way home. Then order yourself something pretty off the internet. :)

Mamarazzi said...

zits...i never had a single zit until i turned 30 and its been zitville ever since.

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