Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Climbing up off the floor and the first day at the new school.

boy howdy! it's been a whirlwind or more like TORNADO has hit me.

we still aren't done and settled. House pics haven't been taken yet. But check out this gem on my camera phone of the kids all set for their first day at the new school.

#1 went back to the old school after only 20 minutes here , he hopped on the ELP bus and spent all day there, then came back for the last 55 minutes of the day. he already has some friends he knows from ELP. and there were plenty of others anxious to be his new friends. Plus the 6th grade at this school goes on a field trip to SAN DIEGO! AWESOME!

#2. got her first visit from aunt flo last week. (seriously? HOLD ME! I'm not ready for this and to have to start her new school during this visit? I would have flat refused to go. but then again I missed 2 days every month during Jr. High when aunt flo would visit.)

She however took it all in stride. had a fabulous first day, and found her favorite 2nd cousin in another 5th grade class there. DELIGHTFUL! they are already planning a swimming playdate.

#3. did awesome. had a rad day. everyone wanted to be friends, and some girl kept staring at him. hmmm.

#4. came home with a new CRUSH! on a new boy who is EVEN HOTTER than Riggs(the boy she had claimed her undying affection for since kindergarten!) and she has a new best friend a girl named Jasper, that has gained her eternal devotion by giving her a silly band.

she just couldn't wrap her head around the new rules...3rd graders here CAN have sillybands (they were banned at her other school for 3rd graders). AND 3rd grade and up has recess first before lunch. AND YOU CAN GO TO THE LIBRARY AT ANY TIME! OMG!

#5. apparently walked into her class and some boy noticed out loud, that they had a new student and she is PRETTY! she was flattered enough to blush during the retelling. she was also pretty stoked to have her favorite friend Autumn's grandma for reading.

i confess i was a nervous wreck about the first day. worried about how it would go. if the kids would do ok etc. but they all came home happy. YAY!

we were on time the first 2 days so far. and tomorrow is picture day. perfect timing.

#6. is still attached at the hip to me. his private swim lessons are helping tons and yesterday he totally cooperated instead of having fits and refusing to give up his floaties. i'm wondering if i can finagle him to go to school today. i need a break.

and in other news I'm exhausted. I've been camping out on one of the girls twin mattresses on the floor, since my bed isn't here yet. I've decided there is nothing worse than climbing up off the floor to go pee in the middle of the night. i swear i wake up and worry about it for hours before i actually go for the gusto and head to the bathroom.

other than that I moved into the pantry yesterday (and discovered i am SUPER type A) it's been the joke now for a couple days after that became REALLY apparent Saturday when the hubs and my mom were working on putting the kitchen together.

we have loads to move still. I have an OB appointment today (15 weeks) and the pool fence got finished yesterday.

i have to charge my camera battery (i found and brought the charger over last night) and then maybe i'll get pics taken of the fence and the pantry if nothing else.

my computer isn't set up yet. and seriously I'm not sure how much i'll be on in the next few days even if it was. it's crunch time. and then i think i'll rest. and take daily naps on my bed again.

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jayna said...

ooohh. sounds like everyone likes the new school!!! i like it!!! hope you get your bed soon!


tammy said...

So glad everyone's liking the new school! Makes life so much easier. I missed the entire week Aunt Flo came for the first time, I was in such pain. Good for her for rolling with it.

andrea said...

A field trip to San Diego? Heck, I'd do 6th grade all over again for that treat! And Aunt Flo in 5th grade?! I'd need someone to hold me too! My 3rd grader is already scaring me with beginning signs of maturation...I hope she slows down and isn't an early starter. Not sure she could handle that. Not sure if I could handle that!

Glad the new school went well and that things seem to be falling into place for you! Have a great rest of the week and "crunch time"!

Ali Hawkins said...

Julie I did not know you moved, where did you guys move to? I am sorry I am not up to date on everything. I am sure you have already heard but I am about a month behind you in pregnancy. How are you feeling? And the news of #2having aunt flow come, that is horrible. I dread the day!

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