Wednesday, September 22, 2010

why just dip a toe in when you can go for the gusto and JUMP ON IN?!

so we have jumped right in.

at school. I'm pretending we don't suck and aren't always late.

at church we actually opted in on the primary program when we could have passed on it.

at home I've done the dishes twice a day. vacuumed for no real reason. and cooked dinner.

why the changes all of a sudden?

because i can't have the new school thinking we suck. that we never do homework. and that we slack in anyway. when before mediocrity was the rule. tardiness was standard and i didn't feel compelled to impress anyone or 'fit in'.

because we can't let this new ward know we suck and never go to church or participate. as far as they know we are happy active ward members that magnify our callings and attend every meeting. HA!

and because if i don't keep up here on the house now, well, i just can't get behind. sure I'm wiped out. but it has to get done by someone. and everyone else is so tired and cranky from moving it's become all my job. which is as it should be, but never has been before.

i haven't even let the girls wear tiaras or tutus to school yet, afraid we'd come off as 'weird' or ostentatious. which before, it was totally expected of us, and accepted.

we can only pretend for so long. i wonder how long i can keep up the charade before someone catches onto us?

turns out this school has way more homework.

this ward is super friendly .

and this house isn't as bad as I initially thought.

and apparently we are coming off as "ON TOP OF IT". because our yard has been taken care of, our play equipment is in place. the pool fence is done. and when I get around to putting up Halloween. they will know i am rad.

maybe tomorrow we should bust out the tiaras.

super bonus. the maids came and left perfect vacuum lines for me to enjoy.

the last day is here and we'll see if our house actually auctions.

it's gonna be a long hellish day.

so how about you? which is more your style?

do you like to dip a toe in?


take a flying leap off the diving board and jump in with a huge splash?

in the pool or real life, does it differ?

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queenbee4 said...

Imma jump all in kinda girl. I'm proud of you... Maybe if you act like you don't suck, then eventually you won't!

I'm all for busting out those tiaras... Ya can't disguise royalty... And uh... Wanna make dinner for us? And maybe bring over a couple of those cookies you've been bragging about? My kids could totally use an unsucky mother...

Wendy Phelps said...

I love feeling on top of things. It sure doesn't happen very often. The best thing about moving is the fresh start. Awesome!

jayna said...

i am also a jump on in kinda girl. AND i love new beginnings! i also think it's more fun to "keep up" on a new house!! :)

love the updates. looking forward to pics. (when you have the time, of course)

Lori Thompson said...

we just moved also and we love it, but I am a little sad about my new calling. I am a primary teacher (which is cool but...) I teach one of my children's classes! Wha? A man must of thought of this because I think it's lame to put a mom with her own children. I teach them all week long and then want other people to tell them the same things at church. BUG! So, I am usually a jump in kinda gal, but now not so much!

Amy said...

I jumped right in and then start to slack off after about 2 years. Well, that's what happened with our last move anyway. Now we hardly ever go to church and I only do my calling because I love the person in charge. There are too many annoying people in my ward for me to play nice these days. Is that too honest? LOL

Mamarazzi said...

full on jumper here.

i say wear the tiaras...they may as well know now that your kids are rad. the sooner the better really.

tammy said...

I kind of like to hide at first and take a couple weeks off before diving in. Our ward was so huge when we first moved here, it was like a month before anyone knew we were here. There were like 3-4 new families a week.

Way to go at diving right in.

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