Friday, September 17, 2010

yes it really is 2-666

every time i give directions to the new house or rattle off the address. i say it's # 2-666

and they say... really?


which is oddly appropriate because ya know, the devil lives there now. ;)

so Pierce is now referring to the new house as the "clean house"

and the old house as "the dirty house." it probably has something to do with piles around where something used to be, but is moved already. the boxes. the clutter. the stuff hastily dumped to grab something else. ah moving.

it's chaos for sure.

i think today i have to stay at "the dirty house" and really dig in and pack. since somehow we get there over to the new house, i do some stuff (i'm never even sure what,) and then it's time to get kids. so we swim. and then don't come back here until i'm exhausted and ready for bed. so nothing productive here is getting done.

i can unpack the kitchen another week. or ya know, after all my treasures are moved out of this hell hole.

still so much to do.

I forgot the camera yesterday. so no pics.

but we ate our first dinner there last night.

we had burgers and hot dogs on the grill. i was hard pressed to find a spatula and a pan to cook the french fries in the oven but i found them. of course they kinda sucked since we didn't have salt for them. who's ever heard of fries with no salt? Lame! but still.

first dinner. with fries triumphantly cooked on a pan , with burgers flipped with a spatula. =Success.

and this was probably our first not take out meal in weeks.

i normally love love take out. but it does get old.

Oh and we've had some injuries to report.

some kids have swam so much and so long for too many days in a row, that they have rubbed the bottoms of their toes raw. or maybe they have gotten too pruny and run around on the balcony too soon after.

imagine wrapping each toe in a bandaid?

Hope had 4 on one foot, and 3 on the other.

Joy had both big toes and two others on each foot.

we also passed out a plethora of other bandaids.

one to a friend who stepped on a terrible goat head weed thing and bled.

two to Paxton for rubbing his whole thumb print clean off. (another pruny swimming injury)

Peyton got scraped while hauling pool fencing.

ACK! lots of injuries.

i need to restock my wallet band aid supply.

ok. now i really hafta get crackin' .

Happy Friday.

how did friday get here so fast anyway? sheesh?!

last day for the kids at this school. i better get my stuff done to register them at the new school today. gosh this all seems so sudden. ;)

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Jen said...

Can't wait to see the new place! Hope you get everything moved and you can really get settled soon!

jayna said...

pictures pictures pictures!! :)

andrea said...

It sounds like it's all working out....other than getting completely moved! ;) What I mean is, it sounds like the kids are having fun with the adventure and pool! My kids would live in it if we had one. Good luck with the moving to a new school. How are the kids feeling about it? I always hated moving for just that reason....a new school. Hope it goes well for you all!

tammy said...

That's a lot of owies.

Rita said...

Hey, I think this is my 1st time commenting. Congrats on expecting! We will miss ya here, hope you like your new area and casa.

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