Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Devil or a Diva ?

last night someone asked me what i thought I was having.

i think it's a boy.

well, how do you know?

the boy hormones...

- wreak havoc on my complexion.

-increase my morning sickness just enough to really cramp my lifestyle.

-my cravings are all protein. with girls i crave sweet things like fruit and dessert.

this friend wanted to know what i was hoping for. and since i wasn't feeling well i'm afraid i sounded more negative than i wanted to.

I'd love love love to shop and craft for a baby girl. I love baby girls.

and yet

I love my boys. they love me, in a different way than my girls do.

Of course they are both wild in their own ways.

You know I have my share of devils and divas here.

My girls are definitely DIVAS , I mean, you never hear about boys fighting over who gets to wear the tiara to school. there isn't residual bitterness about passing clothes down to the next brother, heck the two big boys share all of their clothes happily all the time. while the girls pitch a fit about someone else wearing it after it's outgrown.

My Boys bounce off the walls and do risky things earning the devil status. at least I don't think my girls climb and sit on top of the playhouse of the swing set. or on top of the surround of the trampoline. and they've never climbed out the upstairs bedroom window to sit on the roof like the boys have.

so no matter what i get, a devil or a diva i'll be happy to have a healthy baby.

finding out is a ways off. i'm guessing sometime in October?

until then i'll just keep assuming it's a boy and get a pleasant surprise if it ends up being a girl.

and while i might whine about feeling grody or puking with an audience, I really do feel blessed to be adding to my herd.

and I'm sorry if i offend anyone with my whining.

i know how hard it is to long for a baby or pregnancy all your own, and then, people that are blessed to get another wonderful new addition just whine and complain constantly about the process, when you yourself would LOVE to suffer with morning sickness and a growing belly and backne if it meant you got to have a baby.

even with my herd of 6 I've been jealous. and irritated sometimes at those that weren't sensitive to my longing for another one. Even though it wasn't their fault i couldn't have one and they probably didn't even know i was sad and jealous.

i'll try to stick to the positive and yet not brag either. sometimes it's a fine line. but i promise to try.

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Cecily R said...

Whatever that little person is, they will be loved, charming and nuts. The best kind. Good luck in the next few weeks. Wish I was closer so I could help!

tammy said...

Great post.

I still remember what it's like to have to try hard to get pregnant, thinking I may not be able to have any, while everyone else around me was having babies - married or not. It's hard. And I also know what it's like to feel crappy, have complications and need to complain. I guess we have to always know our audience if it's people we know, and just try to be sensitive to whatever anyone may be going through. And who of us hasn't been irritated or jealous with something someone said, without it even being their fault? That's when I just have to remind myself to get my big girl panties on and get over it.

So when do you get to find out what you're having?

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