Thursday, September 2, 2010

Highlights of the day.

highlights of the day?

1. Getting my 'stache waxed. it's new, like the back-ne. HOTNESS!

2. dumpster diving with the herd for boxes. YEAH WE DID.


they thought it was awesome, you've never seen the herd unload out of the van so fast.
and we hit the jackpot, by the way.

3. an hour long lecture about the proper way to pack.

instead of my preferred method of organizing it on the way in. and on the way over and out. i like to know where things are. so i can find them or just ignore certain unimportant boxes until they are needed. i don't need to unpack 4th of july right now. but i do need to know where my halloween stuff is. and my craft supplies. and my decorations. it's all about the important things. i mean come on!

4. I puked dinner for the 2nd night in a row. with an audience. you are jealous i'm sure.

bright side? i didn't pee my pants while puking tonight.

so with that....

which hurts more? eyebrow wax or mustache area?

what is your packing style? do you see eye to eye with the hubs on this?

have you ever dumpster dived? or ya know gone dumpster swimming? (joy called it that- dive /swim, it's all the same thing right?)

well, i hope your Friday is Happy. i will be packing up my shiz in an organized manner.

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Leslie said...

Yep, everytime we move we go dumpster diving at the City of Mesa Recycle Dumpsters!!

Moving and being sick is no fun, I hope you survive!!

The Browns said...

Yes I can relate to the peeing your pants when you puke! Ha

tammy said...

I usually pack my stuff which translates to - my clothes, the boys' clothes, the home decor, the kitchen, the bathroom, etc., and Luvpilot packs his stuff - the electronics, the garage, his clothes. My holiday decor is already in marked totes in the garage, along with some boxes that we haven't unpacked since we moved five years ago. Think I need to see what's in there?

Sorry about the puking. At least you made it bunko. I wish I could've...I'm sure it was more fun than my night.

Cara said...

eyebrow wax hurts worse! I can't say I've puked and peed and I send half the things I own to good will and pack the other half. Love the dumpster pic! It's awesome.

Janna said...

last Sunday we found mannequin legs dumpster diving.... give me a few and I will post them on my blog...
I moved it

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