Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rad/ not Rad

Rad- after looking at the rental I preferred with all the kids, I overheard,

"It's my dream home!" from Hope in the back seat.

Rad- I think they liked it best because who doesn't love to run free in a completely empty house.

Not Rad- to say they were bouncing off the walls is NO EXAGGERATION. they came home totally hyped and couldn't calm down and go to bed.

RAD - yesterday I noticed i'm looking pretty darn prego in everything I put on. I mentioned it to the hubs along with, "you think it's hot huh?!" and he said yes. he really does think it's attractive. which is a good thing since I've been pregnant for the bulk of our marriage.

Rad- did I tell you about the screaming deal I got on a pair of Maternity jeans Friday night?

$2.49 baby. I was gonna pay $5 but they were half off. talk about a happy surprise.

Rad- i get to go dumpster diving for boxes.

not rad- i get to pack.

rad- i get to purge loads of extra crap and just leave it here.

crappy piano that can't be tuned? DITCH IT!

Vintage spinning wheel of death? DITCH IT!

not rad- we got rejected for our application on the house. because we have too many kids for the 3 bedrooms.

Rad- we said we planned on using the den for a bedroom, so we got accepted after all.

Rad- we are hoping to get keys before the weekend. because it's labor day. perfect time to get a jump start on moving.

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Jen said...

You got the house?!! Awesome!! I am so happy for you!! J is on the phone right now or I would actually call you...pick your jaw up off the floor. YAY!! I am so happy for you!

CassiB said...

yay on the house you found! my hubby loves my preggo bod too, gotta love that. good luck with the moving, yay for purging, i so need to do that soon! april is going to sneak up on me and we don't have the room for the six of us now, don't know where we will put the 7th =)

Ruthie Girl said...

That seemed so fast. Good job and good luck!

tammy said...

So glad you got the one you wanted. And yay for purging and ditching.

Kimm said...

Go to Wal-mart at night and get the boxes. So you don't have to dumpster dive. So excited to hear all about it.

Jamie said...

Congrats! I'm so glad you got the house you wanted!

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