Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i just need to celebrate more. starting TODAY.


I super hate it when....

I space appointments.

i'm left not having a clue as to what exactly a kid is supposed to do for homework.

i'm constantly feeling behind. in everything, at home and elsewhere.

I'm always feeling poor.

oh and when my kids all decide i am mean.

we missed our chance to pirate house fixtures. and they change the freaking locks.


i'm still glad to be done. worrying about that stuff.

it's over. time to move on.

i shouldn't worry that i get 100 hits a day and 0 comments. it shouldn't bother me at all.

i can get over the poor. I've been here before. like never stopped being poor ever.

i can get past the homework confusion. or at least be proactive about remedying the situation.

i should slow down and relax more. it's not a race to the finish.

in the eternal scheme of things it doesn't matter at all. for most situations and vexations. especially the house. the homework. and the appointment i never got a reminder call for.

see it's not even all my fault.

i can only do my best today.

make the best of my reality and celebrate the little things.

i just need to celebrate more.

i think i will make a glorious treat. decorate for Halloween. and do something fun with my kiddies. we've had enough stress. it's time for some fun.

starting TODAY.

Happy Tuesday!

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Mamarazzi said...

LOVING this...and i agree, just stop and have a little fun, it's time.

i think a lot of people, including me can totally relate...so i am gonna have a little fun too!!

Mamarazzi said...

OH i forgot to tell you i have a FUN new thing happening on my blog...i am featuring bloggers "Queen for the Day"

come get details, i would LOVE to feature YOU!!

CassiB said...

at least you have blog hits. maybe if i actually blogged i would get hit more? lol. good idea on celebrating. i feel we are so caught up in things that don't really matter. maybe we'll start doing that more when i don't feel like crud daily!

Nani Udall said...

So yes, I read your blog and not comment. It's not that there is a lack of love, I'm just to unmotivated to take the time. We're experiencing some of our own post-move drama as well. Thanks for taking the time to post. It makes for an enjoyable break in my day!

andrea said...

Hit and comment. There ya go! Sorry. I've been less than wordy recently. As evidence by my dead blog.

Sorry you are feeling the stress. :( I has to get somewhat better soon, right?

I have noticed your fruitbaby has graduated from citrus fruits to an avocado. Yay! Except where I live, oranges are bigger than avocados.... :P

Amy said...

Put some music in and dance! That always makes life suck way less!

jayna said...

ooohh!! a treat sounds great!! i want one too!!! yes, we can only do our best. some stuff slips through the cracks. but, heck, that's what the cracks are for. ;)


Tracy said...

Have a great day, celebrateyou!
Eat something chocolate!
I love your blog!!

tammy said...

Sorry you haven't had comments from me lately. I've been busy trying to get ready for bunko and get a project done at my house that was supposed to be done weeks ago. I was stressing too. Then I just decided oh well, it is what it is. And Connor's school projects are stressing me out too. I don't do well when I don't get some me time and some time to relax. Hate that.

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