Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"undress from the waist down."

I sat there and panicked when she said..."undress from the waist down."

I instantly started regretting that afternoon delight and nap instead of a shower before the impromptu visit to the OB today just to pee in a cup for a suspected UTI.

why couldn't they just call something in anyway?

luckily she just checked for a heartbeat but i was wearing a dress and they figured a drape was better than flashing and didn't do a freaking pelvic exam. totally scared me there for a minute.


walking past my OB and his nurse was rad when she said, " are you cheating on us?"

because they were out of the office this morning when i finally remembered to call about symptoms for the aforementioned UTI. i got scheduled with the Nurse practitioner.



and then when i'd run into Goodwill for just a second to see if they had a cheap entryway table?

i was spotted by an old friend from H.S. in all my glory. meaning zitty with no makeup, in a not very cute dress, looking severely prego.

she proceeded to touch my belly, and talk to it. OMG. hello??! maternal fat layer. stay away from my belly!

she about died when i said it was #7.


Bright side of today?

  • afternoon delight and a nap! hello! gotta love when all 6 kids are gone to school at the same time.

  • i looked prego enough she could tell i was prego instead of suspecting and guessing i'm just fat.

  • prescription and no pelvic.

  • the hubs is handy enough to replace the radiator himself. yay. Important to me because i have A/C in my mom bus, instead of being stuck driving the airless beater car. WHEW!

yup. as i sat there panicking i debated posting about it, figuring it was TMI and yet, how many of you giggled at my situation?

at least 3. right?

so that makes it worth it. it was sadly humorous. even i knew that at the moment.

and that is why i share.

you. are. welcome.

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Mamarazzi said...

i super love that you share. it makes me laugh...i like to laugh.

Amy said...

I love it! I totally giggled.

The Montgomerys said...

Thanks for making my day delightful!

Lori Thompson said...

you're so funny crazy mama! Always enjoy reading about your adventures!
ps how fun that you and All Girls but 6 are preggers at the same time!

tammy said...

"Maternal fat layer. stay away from my belly!" That made me laugh.

Webb Family said...

Great loved the humor!
I would love to know who you ran into?



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