Saturday, September 25, 2010

Luck has brought us together....

if you are pressed for time. just read the bolded big words. then if you are interested in the rest of the story you can read the whole thing.

ok lemmee set this one up for you....

our auction date arrived on Thursday the 23rd.

that morning some random guy let himself INTO our house.

(it was all locked up)

where he looked around, took some pictures and wandered.

we aren't sure who he is/was.

BUT our handy Hispanic helpers told him ,"andale por favor".

or get the efff out. we aren't sure which.

(you know which phrase i would use)

We assume he was either from the bank or someone wanting to check out the goods before he purchased our hovel at auction, since from the street it looks pretty darn fab, but from the inside, stripped bare, it is a definite SHACK.

anyway. later in the day...

I was contemplating the audacity of the A-hole who was unable to wait to see what he got in the grab bag/auction. right at the same moment as I was driving up to the house, to meet the hubs where he and the "helpers" were loading the trailer.

and as I was pulling in, to park

I NAILED our blue car. with my van.

YES! I did. I hit my own beater car with my family bus.

The Van is sideswiped now on both sides, by me!(you recall the delight from the pole last week.)


the car fared better than the van.

I shouldn't be driving.

and i admit i could only LAUGH at myself.

like the hubs had to laugh at me. and my friend laughed on the phone when i told her.

I mean WHO DOES THAT? hits their own car?

ah. stellar day.

then later our radiator which had been leaking for a day or so from an unknown area blew a HUGE HOLE.

WHAT THE HECK? could it get any worse? (hold on while I knock on wood)

I had to ask myself, "where is the luck here?"

turns out Joy took it to school for the day....

and I quote, "Luck has brought us together!"

when i asked if BRENTON was her new crush...Hope butted in. and answered.

which makes me giggle.

and....this is what Pierce has been up to.

learning to swim with Coach Beth!

my friend from elementary school and beyond does private swim lessons. She's been coming over everyday this week to teach my Devil to swim. (this was recorded Thursday.)

the day before he was screaming he hated her and insisting she was going to drown him and he needed his floaties.

FREAKING AWESOME! less than a week and the kid is swimming across the pool.

yesterday he did it without her help. sure it scared the crud outta me and i was all set to jump in and rescue him, but he made it. (and yeah we are still waiting for the freaking pool service to show up, the filter is effed so it's a little greenish here)

anyway. I couldn't wait to share the wonder of my rad driving skills.

AND well the house didn't get a single bid on it. i guess that guy didn't like what he saw?

the bank retained it. now we have a little more time, which we don't really need, except to strip it bare of the light fixtures and ceiling fans. they are now offering cash for keys. so we might swap out the uglies from here (at the new house) with our updated delights from the last house.

when we swapped our white smooth top range and built in microwave for the grody range hood and cream colored stove it instantly sent the old house back to the 70's. and brought this house forward to the 2000's at least. It makes a HUGE difference.

now that my computer is in the loft instead of the kitchen, posting might become less frequent.

but I'm MORE THAN STOKED to be done with the stress of impending foreclosure and ready to relax a little before i start the process of unpacking and purging all of the crap we moved.


I'll admit i was dismayed when I realized having my own bed didn't work miracles for me, turns out it is one of those pregnancy discomforts I've forgotten about instead of the wrong bed.


I'll get over it.

and best line I heard this morning.

"he didn't break his leg."

which came from Pierce while he was telling me about Peyton jumping from a railing on the stairs and landing somewhere. perfect.

Pierce had told Paxton to jump off the rail onto the stairs , siting Peyton's fortunate outcome as evidence that it was a good idea.


hopefully the climbing on the railing will get old. I can't handle all the dare devils. or any broken limbs this week.

OH but guess what? when I went to the OB last week i had my ultrasound appointment scheduled.

OCTOBER 19th! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I can't wait to see what flavor of cupcake I'm baking!

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onehm said...

This is hilarious. Even though it is your life...I'm sorry about the sideswiping. :)
Bummer about not getting any offers.

Mamarazzi said...

my dad hit his own RV once. how does one make that insurance claim, i wonder.

yay for swimming pools with the heat that is STILL upon us!

Amy said...

I backed into my hubby truck last year. He parked in my blind spot and I completely jacked up both of our cars. $8000.00 worth of damage. Oops.

Does that make you feel less alone in this world?!

Amy said...

P.S. The pictures of said car wreck are on Facebook if you're curious...

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