Thursday, September 16, 2010

The one where she posts quite a lengthy update.

so it's been a couple of hectic days.

we are still going strong on moving. although once the kids are out of school everyday we slow way down and GO SWIMMING! all productivity stops while I supervise the chilluns. I even got in the pool with them yesterday when my sister and her kiddos came over to partake of the wonder. my arms are killing me from skimming the pool after the yard guys finished. Apparently cleaning up the yard means crapping up the pool. dread.

in the middle of all this "fun", Tuesday night I had bunko and won a bucket full of glitter pumpkins for my apothecary jars. I have a couple GIANT jars and sometimes they are hard to fill. but THESE super cute mid sized pre-glittered black and orange pumpkins will do the trick for sure, Pierce was all set to fill my jar for me, and plug in my light up witch hat(another fabulous bunko prize).

Plus at bunko I got a list of the best super-secret places to shop for house stuff.

and I found out who I know with kids at the new school, which teachers are the best, and which ward we are going to be in.

Turns out our favorite 2nd grade teacher is in this new ward and her hubs is the bishop. small world. all fabulous info gleaned from a productive evening out with my bunko divas. They are a wonderful resource and have a wealth of knowledge. I'm so lucky to have them.

Yesterday the HUGE giant leather sectional got moved in and hauled up to the loft( by the hubs and 2 handy Hispanic helpers), which means.......... the worst piece of furniture to move is IN.

It also means i have to find and buy a new small couch for the family room off the kitchen because we don't have one. the leather sectional was WAAAAY TOOO BIG for it. the other couch was TOO BIG and the loveseat was just right but is going with the matching couch in the living room. (with new slipcovers). so i'm on the look out for that and am dying to quit moving crap and just shop.

we have just a couple beds here (including mine). and lots of small stuff still to pack and haul over. Today i'm working on things like all the places I wouldn't let the hubs or kids pack from (shifty eyes). Important things like My craft supplies. my treasure closet. the top of the piano where loads of "important things" are "safe".

so pretty much my clutter zones. it's to the point I don't have illusions of perfectly organizing it all. I'm just ready to shove it in boxes and put them where I know I'll find 'em again. purging as i go.

The cable is hooked up. the internet is in. the yard is all freshly trimmed and mowed. The trampoline is set up. and the swing set is too.

just a couple more days and we'll be sleeping there from now on.

I'll take some pics today. I should have done before shots. with nothing in the rooms, but it's too late for that now.

there is a mountain growing in the garage of stuff we've been accumulating for a garage sale. i'm sure it will continue growing as we unpack.

Of course, since this has been a whirlwind of fun, we didn't get to purge before we packed( as I unrealistically imagined) but...I don't intend to keep every treasure we brought with us from this house to the next.

I am so OVER- toys, certain electronics and even some home decor stuff I won't need/don't have a spot for and of course I need to tame the clothing beast. I hope clothes sell at garage sales. we have LOADS AND LOADS to get rid of, and if they don't sell well, I'll donate them.

maybe it'll pay for my new couch.

the kids are all out of sorts with no computers to play at the new house and no Cable TV here. Joy resorted to watching Barney on VCR tapes last night. yes we still have "tapes" and a working VCR or two. feel free to covet. (I won't even mention the pile of laser discs that invaded the loft with the sectional)

did you get this far? if so i'm impressed. I know this was quite the lengthy update.

Well, now that I've updated, I'm off to purge and pack something before my devil wakes up.

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tammy said...

Yay for Halloween bunko prizes! Hope you're not sick of them yet. There will be more at my house.

How I hate moving. I'm tired just from reading this. I need to go through my garage and have a garage sale too. It's been 5 years now since we've's time to get rid of some stuff!

Rebecca Irvine said...

You must be exhausted from all the work you are doing. Can't wait to see the pics.

Nikki said...

I hope you share that list of shops with me :)

Cara said...

I also can't wait for pictures!!!

Also, I wanted to let you know about a new blog of mine and I would love your witty advice!!!!

Cara said...
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