Thursday, October 21, 2010

Choose your own ending.

eventually it falls into place.

today we got the mail key.

and a fab entertainment center/shabby chic armoire on craigs list for $50 bucks.

we had the emissions testing done on the Van. so we can register it.

and got our mail. and got the letter we need just in time.

the stars are aligning. i'm hoping things fall into place soon.

productivity is up. wallowing is down.

OK so stop right here and hit the comment form to end on a positive note.


Keep reading. this is where i confess not nice things. and express an unkind opinion.

enter at your own risk. and be sure to participate....especially if you agree with me.

Today we had the most unfortunate looking girl over for a playdate.

seriously not cute. and annoying. she brought a messy science lab project to do (which i shot down that idea pronto) , and wanted to stay for dinner (like i had dinner even planned by that time? um no).

besides me going to pick her up and having her over on top of my own herd of kids wasn't already going above and beyond? it was. and then she kept pushing it? NERVY!

needless to say, she won't be invited again. she was from the old school. and well, I will not be going out of my way to keep and cultivate that friendship.

(mean to say? HECK YES, but you know you think it sometimes too.)

have you noticed it's easier to be nice to cute kids than it is to dirty/unkempt/ugly kids?

i think that even about my own.

if they are groomed i'll tolerate way more than if they are grimy, stinky, or orphan looking.

thus my reasoning for the overly groomed/well dressed kids.

I so shouldn't even be admitting that should I?

ah well it's true.

anyway. i was super productive and busy today, so busy there was no time to eat all day.

which makes me extra cranky and witchy. by the end of the playdate with the not cute girl i was beyond my limit.

i hate being cranky and witchy. but hey 'tis the season.

the witch is in....i have signs all over my house to prove it.

OK make me feel better now and confess your feelings about uncute and annoying kids VS Cute and annoying kids.

tolerable? or not?

do you notice a difference in your attitude?

participation is appreciated.

(the hubs pointed out i got exactly 0 comments on my last post. i didn't think it sucked that bad , but maybe it did?)


if this keeps up i won't bother hauling my exhausted booty up the stairs and into the loft to post.

i'll just make a quick right into my bedroom and go to bed.

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Mamarazzi said...

LMAO...seriously you kill me!

I think if an attitude is UGLY then a kid is ugly. but i am not sure if i have ever been less or more tolerant based on cuteness or the lack there of.

i am totally going to pay attention now tho...cuz ya got my thinker going!

glad the wallowing is down and productivity is up...

i didn't read blogs yesterday. i am off to read the goodness now...and get rid of that BIG ugly ZERO, if it is still there.

tammy said...

I want to see a pic of the armoire you found.

I discourage play dates with super annoying kids. Even if I have to lie and say we're not going to be home.

Taralyn said...

OH don't stop posting - I Love Love Love your Blog!!!! It's the one I look for in my view every day!!! You Crack me up... I definately know what you are talking about - however it's the UGLY attitude that makes me say NO - However I have 1 daughter that when she is unkept I seem to have ZERO patience with her... :) Glad things are lookin up for you and your herd!!!

Laura said...

Well you can guess where my opinion lies here.... I feel very strongly that people are judged (right or wrong) by how they look and dress. It's a first impression thing and it does happen. People treat kids better and adults for that matter who look better. It's not nice and its not good but its true.

Aside from that I really have issues with annoying kids...

Glad things are looking up for you!

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm Jewels you better haul your booty up them stairs and keep me laughing. I know you don't believe me but I check your blog every single day just to see how things are and what laugh I can get from it! So here I am commenting. You keep me sane on some days so don't quit! I NEED you!
Love to you

Jenifer said...

Giggle snort. I was laughing about this all day yesterday after the facebook post. Too true. Everyone likes a cute kid. The downfall to moving is weeding out all the annoying ones.

Eliza said...

Oh Julie, you know we all love you even if we never comment :( (sorry)! Anyway, your theory is completely true. Sad but true. My super cute 2 yr old hellion who happened to be wearing a shirt that said Wild Child today received many comments as we were out and about today as he was hanging from railings and running all over the place. But all the comments were friendly and said with smiles and brushing off his naughty behavior because he just has to bat his pretty little eyelashes and people are putty in his hands. I'm just lucky cuz if he wasn't so darn cute I know those people would have been shooting me dirty looks and tsk tsking his behavior.

Anonymous said...

You are so conceited. Your own child has a mohawk. And a curly one at that. You don't think he's going to get judged and treated differently?
Every child is one of God.
Don't be so judgemental.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. You're not conceited. Your blog post is.

Anonymous said...

freakin lame move on>>>>>>>>>use the new kids in your area and watch how fast they they move on..........

Serendipity said...

Hey Anonymous You suck. You obviously don't know Julie. She is amazing, and a wonderful friend. And hey anonymous OWN IT---and least use your name.

Serendipity said...

Oh Anonymous if you want to get in a fight and be a bitch bring it on- I take plenty of medication to handle this crap.

tammy said...

Anon - hmmm....kinda sounds like you're being judgmental doesn't it?

onehm said...

WOW, Anonymous. SERIOUSLY need to take a chill pill.

And this was Crazymama's blog the last time I checked. She's allowed to write whatever she likes. If you don't like it, don't read it...

the haynie's said...

I always made sure my kids hair was combed and they were clean when I would drop them off at daycare. Now when I watch kids for a living (so I can be at home)I often do their hair, partly so they can see without having to wipe their bangs away from their face and also so I can see them for who they are, adorable little people! I am one of the nicest people I know yet I agree that putting your "best foot" forward makes a difference in how you are treated. I haven't told anyone because I feel like a jerk admitting it, but I've taken to closing my eyes when I watch the choirs sing for conference. I find myself staring and judging the wonderful people singing if I don't. We all have weaknesses in judging others one way or another... what are we doing about it to be better?

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