Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wonderful, Marvelous, Simply Divine.

we had conferences times 5.

this school. lined up my conferences in grade/birth order. starting at the youngest and ending with the oldest. that's an hour and 15 minutes of conferences bam bam bam, knocking those suckers out.

it was nice to finally meet a couple of the kids teachers. establish that some kids really do have homework, and discuss the dilemma that one in particular has too much. otherwise they are doing great.

All that really matters to me is they are happy to go to school. this transition has been harder on me than i think it has been for them.

i mean, i sort of hand picked my teachers to make this year easier on me. and then?

we moved. DARN IT!

the homework here has been killing me. or is it the fact we actually attempt to do it and before i sorta blew it off?


sometimes i am a stellar parent let me tell ya.

i don't have it all together. never assume that i do because I DON'T.


in other news of awesomeness?

Our family getting boo'ed TWICE in as many days.

gosh i feel popular here. or would that be welcome?

except it's hard to know who to boo since we don't know where anyone lives.

and people know us. but again, i have no clue. plus pregnancy brain and i'm seriously at a disadvantage.

my NEW visiting teaching companion stopped me in the hall at conferences and introduced herself.

i couldn't tell you her name to save my life. PATHETIC. but she looked oddly familiar. and i'm left wondering if i went to school with her or if she's related to someone i know.

it seems people haven't gone far and everyone went to the same high school as I did. just different years.

or if they went to another rival high school they know the guys that i dated back in the day. which is funny(weird), and yet kind of entertaining (funny haha).

when i was listing the people i knew to the girl that stopped by for the scout daycamp paperwork the other day, she knew all the guys i listed off from her year. hmmmm. wonder what impression that left her with? oh well.

i think i can count on one hand how many guys i went out with from my own high school. i didn't fit the stereotypical girl from my H.S. mold.

have i ever fit the stereotypical mold?

i'm pretty sure i haven't and won't ever.

it's ok. i'm cool with that.

well. thursday is almost upon me. i better waddle to bed now.

I hope you have a Happy Thursday and that your Wednesday was WONDERFUL, MARVELOUS. simply divine. and by that i mean...RAD! ;)

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Mamarazzi said...

WAY rad that the school set up your conferences like that, knocking them all out in on visit is awesome.

i am NOT pregnant and for the life of my i cannot recall a person's name 2 minutes after walking away from meeting them.


Anonymous said...

Lame post waist of time......

tammy said...

Dear Anon - It's "waste" not "waist". But thanks for leaving your opinion. We've all been waiting for it.

tammy said...

Homework makes me thankful for only two kids. It stresses me out when they have major projects and they're due at the same time.

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