Sunday, October 24, 2010

Own it or bring it on!

don't you hate it when someone ruins a good thing for everyone else?

do you think anonymous comments are for wienies who aren't bold enough to own their opinion?

Today "anonymous" ruined the commenting fun for those readers who comment anonymously but still sign their name.

by leaving multiple comments on this post.

the conceited portion of the anonymous comment actually made me laugh. really? is that all you can dish out?

I still stand by my opinion that i can't tolerate kids in nasty outfits combined with annoying behavior. especially my own kids. which is who i was referring to.

if you knew me in real life and really wanted to hurt feelings you'd say I was fat. and yet, i'm so much more than my pants size. i know this. my friends know this. but saying I am conceited, it's laughable! which i think you realized when you came back and said," you aren't conceited, your post was". hmmm. ok. you must have read further down on the other posts.

I also thought the comment about Pierce's hair was funny. I obviously don't care what people think , it's cute and he wears it well, it fits his personality, which you'd know if you were a regular reader. the fact you said anything about the curly part of it is lame. besides it barely curls these days , or gets spiked up into a mohawk. the last haircut was rather short.

so anonymous i was just going to ignore your ignorant comments, but you continued. just like a mosquito buzzing in someones ear is annoying , so are you. so to avoid being annoyed further i removed the anonymous commenting option.

now you have gone and ruined the ability for my friend Stephanie to comment. (she doesn't have an account but still says hi from time to time.)

you've ruined it for Shannon who can't remember her log in.

you've ruined it for Jes, and Tracy. they probably wanna beat your A$$ right now. and flip you the double rolling bird.

I on the other hand don't care what you have to say because you are a coward.

you obviously don't know me or have anything better to do but come back every couple hours and hide behind misspelled anonymous comments.

this leads me to formulate this opinion about you...

your intelligence level is most likely astounding. if you have a blog it's probably LAME and your kids are almost guaranteed to be unattractive and of the annoying variety (if you even have kids, or perhaps you yourself were an unattractive annoying child?). which would be why you had to leave an anonymous comment in the first place, since i must have offended your tender sensibilities and struck a chord.

is my opinion of you wrong? If you care to prove how wrong it truly is? log in, leave your blog address and real name or blog alias and BRING IT!

I dare you.

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Amy said...

Well girl! Some peeps are just plain old butt wipes. She messed with the wrong blog AND you're preggo. Double BAM.

Amy said...

Sounds like anonymous is the annoying/dirty/bratty kids mom...

And amen! Own it or don't say it! I might get in trouble with my big mouth a lot but at least people know where they stand with me. Anyone who can't stand by what they say is a, well, I won't say it but it's not a nice word.

Jenifer said...

How weird that she kept coming back in two hour increments. If she comes out to Serendipity, I want a front row seat:) Hahahahaha! Keep on blogging, keep on blogging, keep on blogging.



Tracy said...

OMG what a fruit loop. Don't take her to heart. It's most likely her 1st time reading your blog. She has no idea who you really are.Funny,kind,caring,great wife, wonderful mother and friend. She, on the other hand must be the most lonley, sad, depressed person with a shitty job and no husband or kids and nothing better to do with her time. BITE ME Annoymous! Lets read your blog!!

tammy said...

And really, if you don't like someone's blog or what they write about, don't you just move on? How completely immature of them.

Mamarazzi said...

people are soooo stoooopid!

i go back and forth with allowing anonymous comments..mostly because i like a good cat fight now and then.

bring it!

and what is wrong with the mohawk? the kid rocks it, it is TOTALLY Pierce, totally.

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