Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i couldn't let it go.

Whew! long day.

a double Rockstar day to be exact!

I of course waited until today to whip together costumes for the herd for the trunk or treat party tonight.

I'd borrowed some and yet upon reflection, and seeing that we've been invited to that certain party, i felt we should step it up a notch or two. closer to my real standards.

anyway. it's my own fault for putting it off until the day of, and of course I'm still sick, but can't take the day off to be sick so i drank Rockstar. and then this afternoon when i started dragging again. i drank another one.

I'm sure the baby loves it too.

i mean i drank Redbull all the time when I was prego with Pierce and look at him now? he's great.

So Paxton has been set all year on being the Mad hatter,

( well since the movie came out.) i mean his hair is perfect for it. so i finally hit Goodwill in search of a suit coat. I'd purchased a top hat a few weeks ago but hadn't glammed it up yet.

anyway. it turned out FABULOUSLY, if i do say so myself! and in the dark you couldn't tell his hair wasn't painted orange and i didn't have time for the actual costume make up i am going to do this weekend. but if tonight was any indication it will be nothing short of AMAZING! everyone could tell what and who he was dressed up as.

to me...that's the sign of a good costume.

Peyton had a thrown together Cop costume. it impressed all the real cops at the party. there were a couple there. using a thrift store cop costume hat, dollar store FBI and police set with the guns spray painted black and his old scout shirt, modified. and some aviator sunglasses. He looked awesome

Liberty recycled last years Miss America dress and is rocking the tooth fairy this time around! ( i called and gave her 2 options, Miss America or the tooth fairy, she chose the latter)

Joy got the only REALLY brand new costume. it was a sea fairy? anyway i loved it on the hanger but it was itchy. still we added a tank and some capri leggings and it was awesome. we'll add glam fairy make-up and it will be RAD this weekend.

Hope got one of the new fluffy skirts at Costco. i went with the cheetah one, thinking I'd whip up cheetah print cat ears but had no time, so she wore this awesome feather embellished flapper hat with a cheetah hair flower i made and use all the time and pearls with it. and it was DARN CUTE! i might not even bother doing the ears it was so cute.

Pierce sported the old hand me down Superman costume my sister whipped up for my nephew (who is 21 now) Paxton wore it a few years ago and apparently i never gave it back , it was in my costume box we found in the garage today. AWESOME. and it fit PERFECT!

and tada! SUCCESS! I pulled it off yet again. just barely and by the skin of my teeth. (what does that even mean?)

and my reputation for fabulousness lives on....for now anyway.

sometimes i wonder why i kill myself off keeping up this reputation? but I can't seem to let it go either. already these new people expect nothing short of fabulous from me. (they pretty much said as much tonight)

here was my chance to take it down a notch or two to mediocre but i couldn't let it go.

ah well. life goes on.

if I'd settled for mediocre I wouldn't even want to bother taking pictures. (like i didn't bother doing on Saturday night at the in-laws annual Halloween party).

mediocre is just so... dissatisfying for me.

well the Rockstar has worn off (hours ago) and I'm freaking exhausted.

if it makes anyone happy to know, i went to this shindig sans make-up of my own, with part of the outfit on that I wore to church on Sunday. i would have liked to change but ran out of time.

oh well, what do they expect? i was just lucky to make it there. with my sanity intact. and all kids present and accounted for, and dressed in costume.

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Mamarazzi said...

i forgive you for not taking pictures, but i am pretty sure i won't let it slide on Halloween. I want pictures.

jayna said...

pictures! pictures! pictures! hey, girl, with a post like that, you gots to present! ;) that means photos. looking forward to them from the real day!


Amy said...

I totally get it. This is the first year I haven't went all out and it's been HAAAARRRRD!!!

erniebanks said...

LOL I bet you were the life of the party!!!!!!! Of the only cool crowd party......

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